Time to dust off the rods

This year I wanted to start to write a blog to try and capture each week just what I and the FishPal team are up to. My note is not meant to be “War and Peace” but rather some reflections from me on the week before and a look ahead to the following week.

image courtesy of http://www.hazelferrie.co.uk/Hazel_Ferrie/Blog/Entries/2013/1/15_Entry_1.htmlI will at times give my own personal views on matters that I think are important but most of all, the new blog will give me a chance to say a few words on whats going on across the rivers we represent and try and keep you all as informed as I can. This is a first for us at FishPal and I hope that you enjoy reading my comments. I don’t intend to be too structured in what I write. It will be whats on my mind as I continue to travel and fish across the country.

image courtesy http://www.hazelferrie.co.uk/Hazel_Ferrie/Blog/Entries/2013/1/15_Entry_1.htmlAs I write, already we have had the first fresh fish caught for 2014 from the Helmsdale. A beautiful river and somewhere you must try and fish at some point this year. If you are quick off the mark then you can fish for the rest of this week free – a fantastic offer and one to take up if you possibly can. Look up Ronald Sutherland from the local tackle shop, a very knowledgeable man on all things Helmsdale and a fantastic offering right now on some well tied flies.

For me the excitement starts this week with the opening of the mighty Tay. I am really looking forward to catching up with a number of people who passionately love the Tay. The opening ceremony again will be based at the fabulous Dunkleld House Hotel which hopefully this year won’t be quite so cold as it was last season – and with a river dropping nicely I am sure we will see a number of spring fish caught up and down the river.
Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 21.22.35So for me it is time to look out the neoprene waders and warm clothing which have been hidden away for some time and get out on the river. There is always something really special about being out on opening day with hopes running high of that first pull of the season.
Can I finish by wishing you all the best of luck for the season ahead. No matter where you fish and how often you manage to get a cast, enjoy the fact that you are at any second about to hook into a fish of a lifetime – thats what it is all about and if again blank, there is always the warm wood burning stove and a sensitive ghillie to help you start planning your next trip!
Tight lines

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