First Cast of 2014

Well, what a fascinating week last week was. My week was spent on the Tay meeting some really passionate Tay people who were all very optimistic for the season ahead!image courtesy of Hazel Ferrie
The opening ceremony at the Dunkeld House Hotel sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Tay District Salmon Board was never going to be spoiled by some pretty heavy rain. A fantastic attendance of some 200 people were eagerly awaiting the words of our first minister, Alex Salmond. A promise to review game fishing in Scotland was well received by the audience and I hope that the review will involve all who passionately care about salmon fishing in Scotland.image courtesy of Hazel Ferrie
My opening day was a really enjoyable affair without actually having a cast. My day was spent travelling up and down the river and dropping in on beats to wish them well for the season ahead. Great to be able to speak to so many fisherman who were extremely complimentary about the work we do at FishPal – thanks to all for your feedback, much appreciated!Fish on for Dunkeld House Fishing, River Tay
The 16th of January saw me lucky enough to join Simon Furness on Dunkeld House Hotel water which seemed so quiet after the previous days opening ceremony. The water had dropped nicely overnight and I was eagerly awaiting the day ahead, my first outing of the new season. Simons expertise was much appreciated and just before lunch I was fortunate enough to hook into a hard fighting cock fish fresh from the sea which weighed in at 15lb. The fish was not for surrendering easy and even with a drag that was pretty tight, still the fish took line run after run. I see that the beat has gone on to catch fish on each day of the season so far and with rods available, definitely worth a cast if you can find your way to Dunkeld.Mark Cockburn with fishing Dunkeld House, River Tay, January 2014
 The Tay continues to report fresh fish caught and of course many kelts in amongst them – plenty to encourage an early outing if you have the time off over the next few weeks. Lets hope the recent rise in river levels over the weekend drop back quickly – we could do with a really cold snap to help shrink the river.Image courtesy of Bob White
Back to work on Friday and a busy day – we are constantly being approached by fisheries all across the country who see the value in having their fishery represented on our sites. More and more availability comes on to the system each day with the team still chasing rivers who have not quite yet managed to get their availability uploaded yet. If you want to know what new fishing has been added I would recommend you register for a rod alert on the rivers of your choice. That will mean you will be sent an email first thing in the morning with details of new fishing added. FishPal team meeting
The week ahead has so much to look forward to even though I won’t be having a cast (although that might change!). The number of meetings with potential new clients this week is great news for us and of course for you too as we look to offer even more fishing on rivers across the country.
Members of FishPal with Andrew Flitcroft, Trout & Salmon MagazineIf you need any help as to where to go fishing this year, give us a call. The team are all passionate anglers and have incredible first hand knowledge of rivers across the UK and beyond. If we cant help you then we will know a contact who can!
Please keep sending us your photos of your fishing trips and fish caught – we are big supporters of catch and release at FishPal and the best photo you can send us is of that moment when you return your fish to the water to allow it to continue its journey.
 Calum McRoberts with the first fish registered on the FishPal system in 2014
Not long now to wait for other fantastic rivers to open and for their new season to get under way.  I for one cannot wait! for the Tweed and Dee on the 1st of February to open up and then not long to wait for the Spey to open on the 11th.  Many more beautiful rivers will also soon be open and give us all such a magnificent choice of rivers to fish.Dunkeld House Fishing
Tight lines for the week ahead for those of you lucky enough to be having a cast on a river somewhere – the rest of us who are not fishing will look forward with just a bit of jealousy to see your successes captured for all to see on our photos pages – until it is our turn to return the compliment when we too are let loose on a river somewhere across the world!

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