Busy week at FishPal

A week away from the office on holiday last week with the family, half of it spent in London and the other half in the highlands of Scotland . The word on everyones lips is  “yo-yo” –  daily the weather is throwing something different at us! As I write this reportmany rivers are extremely full to over-flowing,  which doesn’t give us much hope for the week ahead.  Although, in some quiet corners, spate rivers may surrender a fish or two.

I spent a fair bit of time on the upper reaches of the Dee last week not fishing alas, simply walking with the family in truly majestic surroundings. Braemar, where the Clunie meets the Dee, was as high as I have ever seen it,  with snow melt filling the river. Incredibly a cold night followed and the river shrank back to its normal level and the Dee was again running clear – I have often marvelled at just how quick the Dee comes back to being crystal clear – an amazing river!

Chatting with friends on other rivers I hear that water heights are reaching a critical point, with some beats seeing their huts now flooded. When it’s the Tay we are talking about, that’s a lot of water coming down this mighty river! Newtyle beat’s hut has seen the Tay precariously lapping at its front door this week, although marks in the hut tell us that the beat has seen much worse!

Great to see Calum McRoberts from the House of Bruar,  winner of January’s Fish of The Month competition from the Tay Ghillies Association, for his opening day fish on Newtyle beat. Calum is regular Tay angler who has caught a serious number of fish in his time.  Well done Calum !

Calum McRoberts with the first fish registered on the FishPal system in 2014

The team at FishPal has been busy in my absence, recommending and booking fishing for anglers planning their fishing trips and holidays this year. New beats and availability are being added daily, so stay tuned for more beats & rivers added to FishIreland. The Spey continues to be increasingly well represented with new beats joining the FishSpey site this month. Fishing for Pitchroy and the Avon have now been added.  Thanks to all and I would encourage others to follow – there is a huge demand for the Spey and to be missing from the FishSpey site means missing out on this letting potential.

On the Tweed this week it was great to touch base with Luke Comins, Director of the Tweed Forum, which does a great job of helping to look after our beloved Tweed. We look forward to featuring news from Luke and his team in future FishTweed newsletters.

On a final note, and a matter close to our hearts. Have you signed Ian Gordon’s petition on the problems looming for netting offshore? If not, here is the link to sign up. This for me is as big an issue for the future of salmon stock in our rivers as I can remember. Thanks in advance for your support.

Look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible this weekend in Glasgow for what is fast becoming one of the best events of the year – Glasgow Angling open weekend welcomes some notable angling guests who are available to answer our questions and offer top tips and advice.  You can never have enough gear for the new season and where better to spend your money than at the Glasgow Angling open weekend!

Tight lines everyone!


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