Salmon to die for !!


FishTayWhen you have been watching and waiting for the weather to settle so you can go fishing and you hear of fish at 26lb and 27lb being caught, it certainly gets the juices flowing. Just the incentive you need to go fishing!

It was the mighty Tay that surrendered two cracking  bars of silver. The beats in question were Stobhall and Upper Islamouth & Meikleour – great beats and a super start to the season after high water until now had ‘spoiled the party’ somewhat. The Tay had another great finish to the week on Saturday and a grand total for week of 71 fish which after all the high water of late, was a good week overall.

The Dee also had a decent week with 68 fish reported up to 20lb. Noticeably fish are still being caught mostly in the middle beats with many local experts still looking for a fresh run of fish to come in soon – not easy to predict given the ever changing water temperatures and river heights.

For those of you who have yet to pick up the news we have a new Dee Fisheries Manager now in situ who is taking over from the sterling work that Ken Reid so passionately delivered for many years. Ross Macdonald is not only a great fisherman with years of experience on the Dee but he is also someone who will represent the Dee in a way that helps build on the work that has gone before – welcome onboard Ross!

Last week also allowed me to drop in on a few beats on the Tweed and it was great to hear first hand all that has been going on locally. When it is as early as this into a season it never fails to amaze me just how much work a ghillie has to do  before the busier times. There is driftwood to chop up and stack for future fires to burn and the never ending banks to repair and clear so we might all get easier access to the river.  If you are lucky enough to have some spring fishing booked then this is also the time for a few casting lessons to sharpen things up – again, thanks to your ghillie who will help you cast that close to perfect line.

For those of you who picked up on my note last week announcing our new partnership with Sportquest which now allows you the opportunity to explore some of the finest fishing the world has to offer. Thanks for keeping the team so busy with your requests for information on fishing from sea trout fishing in Argentina to bone fishing in Mexico – its great to be able to help you find the holiday of your dreams whilst always making sure that your salmon fishing closer to home is also being looked after well!

The Tyne are seeing more fish running the river and with  Bywell beat rods starting to catch most of fish, the rest of the river wait with anticipation. If bookings are anything to go by in the last few days then Tyne anglers are starting to think its time to have a cast – there is available fishing for those who would like to join them!

I had an excellent meeting with proprietors on the river Nith who are extremely joined up on how they want to promote the river this year with our help. This will take time to get going but its worth taking the time to get things right. I for one will definitely be having a cast on the Nith this year, such a beautiful river and I can’t wait to wet a fly.

Lastly on the river front, don’t be fooled by the lack of reporting of fish being caught on the river Spey. I am working closely with those who love the Spey and who share a passion for a river that needs maximum support in letting anglers know what is going on.  Reporting of catches is not something the Spey have really ever done and it will take time to get everyone involved understanding the important commercial value of why the reporting of catches attracts anglers to the river. There have been some good catches on beats that I am aware of with some cracking fish – my challenge is to try and make sure that all of these stories of catches are shared with the wider fishing audience. As I write, we have more availability on the Spey than at any other point in time which is fantastic. If you haven’t fished the river for a while or indeed if you are new to the river I would thoroughly recommend a wee trip north – its a beautiful river and time spent on the Spey is a day to remember no matter what you might or might not catch.

This week is another busy week of meetings with Tuesday night seeing me in Birnham to attend the Tay Open Meeting which I m looking forward too. You never quite know what to expect but that is why these types of meetings are so valuable, everyone can have their say and have a good debate on the matters arising.

Tight lines all for the week ahead. I have a feeling we will see some decent catches recorded this week and I look forward to seeing your photos as ever of those magnificent springers being returned to the river!


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