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FishTweedI seem to start my weekly blog with a similar theme each week which is typically looking back at last week and thinking, another busy old week! Not just for me but for the whole team – read on and I will explain!

Last week I had the opportunity to fish with two of the finest ghillies on the Tweed. My week began on a fantastic beat, Lower Pavilion with Scott Povey.

I do enjoy fishing on a Monday, after the river has enjoyed its day of rest, you just might just catch a springer off guard. No sooner had Scott Povey just explained the pools taking points on the lower beat when I was into a fish! I reckon it was my fifth cast and a cracking wee springer to start the day and get you all excited about what might follow. I fished hard all morning and was lucky enough to also catch a wee sea trout, all before lunch!

If you remember last week was full of misty, wet weather and despite no other fish in the afternoon I did see what looked like fresh running fish which always keeps you full of anticipation. A lovely beat and I will be back soon – a beat I would definitely recommend booking a rod on.

Tuesday and West Learmouth, who had just caught its first fish of the season on the previous Saturday, again, I was hopeful of fish moving into the beat. Tuesday’s weather was to say the least, wet! All morning we tried the most likely of lies and just as I was thinking of lunch and the dry interior of the hut I had a good long jerky pull – and then nothing. Ah well, nothing like a pull to give you increased optimism for the afternoon!

After drying out in the hut, Bob Harrison took us up to the stream where the water and conditions looked good despite all the earlier rain. My fishing companion quickly hooked into a cracking springer which Bob duly netted after a great fight. A few pictures and then the fish safely returned to fight another day.

No fish for me, but, you do get the feeling that West Learmouth is about to take off as far as catches are concerned. With most of the rods sold, there is very limited availability left for the entire season.

There are some fantastic ghillies on the Tweed and the customer feedback forms I read every week confirm this statement.

The Tay enjoyed another good with some 120 fish caught, including a cracker of 24lb on Taymount. I have heard of many other fish lost at the net and to say the Tay is hotting up is the understatement of the day – if you haven’t yet got some Tay fishing to look forward to then check our find fishing on the FishTay web site.

The Dee continued to fish well and a cracking fish of 26lb reported on Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo. A total of 73 fish reported and from what I here there sightings of fish along the river, which bears well for the week ahead.

Fish also being caught on the Annan, Findhorn, Esks, Spey and Tyne so good to know that there is a river near you that offers you a great chance for a springer – read more.

We have been working hard this week in getting the River Blackwater in Ireland better represented on our site and some really good progress made. The river will start to come to life on our site during the next few weeks, so please keep checking the site – a beautiful river and one I have been lucky enough to fish in the past. The Blackwater comes highly recommended!

Tom has been busier than ever this week as more and more of you are booking fishing. Tom loves to talk fishing and if you need help in choosing where to fish then give him and the rest of the team a ring – we are all passionate fisherman and only to happy to help! – find fishing.

Anne finished her busy week with a weekend at the Sportfish event down in Reading. A host of fishing celebrities helping anglers with their casting and sharing information on where to fish. Anne reports that the show was well attended and thank you to all of our FishPal customers who took the time to come and say hello to Anne – she said “it was a brilliant weekend.”

This week I am tied up in meetings, discussing new initiatives and ideas for the market with some talented business front runners. We pride ourselves as always being on the front foot, exploring new ideas and products to enhance our customers journey with FishPal. I will let you know soon just what these are – exciting times and I hope you like what is coming – as ever, stay tuned!

I’ll finish with a classic line I heard this week from an angler who will remain nameless. He turned up at the hut to meet his ghillie for the day and said, “these waders were leaking last year but I’m sure they will be fine for this year!” Unreal, god loves an optimist!!

Look forward to seeing more photos of your freshly caught springers being caught and returned in the week ahead –

Tight Lines

Mark Cockburn

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