Time To Go Fishing

Time to go fishingSpring fish are being caught….weather calming down….time to get out fishing!! Last week saw our Marketing Director, Anne Woodcock, attend the Sportfish show in Reading and Anne reports to have been very busy speaking to anglers who fish rivers at either end of the UK. One minute it was the Tweed or Tay, the next the Test and Itchen. Everyone she spoke to had one thing in common, they wanted to come and chat to us about helping them shape a trip for the year ahead and were looking at which rivers had the best availability and what prices were being charged. This sums up to me a lot of just what we stand for, looking to have the maximum amount of availability and affordability that allows you the fisherman to choose just where you want to go!

My week was busy with various meetings across the country and great to meet so many new people who all wanted to know more about just what we can do to help promote the river they represent. Every river and every beat are different to a point but the one thing I do always make a point of mentioning is that the rivers that adopt what I refer to as a “full river approach” (this is where all beats are represented on the river whether they have available fishing to let or not) are the rivers that are the most successful in marketing themselves to their wider audience.
Last week as far as fishing was concerned was a week that seemed to get better and better as the week rolled by with again some notable fish I am hearing about being caught. On the Tweed the dirty water of the early week made way for some truly spring like weather and as the water cleared and dropped nicely, fish began to be caught in greater numbers. Junction continued to catch fish and had 13 for the week as did Lower Floors. Hendersyde to came into its own with fish being caught in the latter part of the week as did Sprouston on the other side.
The Tay had great sport with some 111 fish caught and returned with fish up to 21lb reported. Great to see fish being caught the length of the river – check out what’s still available on our find fishing page.
The Dee was steady enough with 72 fish caught with Carlogie the star beat with some 20 fish recorded. Its that time of year with some settled weather you just feel that the Dee will come into its own – definately worth a trip to Deeside if you can find the time!
I have heard of fish being caught on both the North and South Tyne last week which means fish are starting to run up the river through the pass -great news and no doubt will mean many an angler wanting to get out on the river to share in the fun – must try and do just that this month if diaries allow.
I am on my travels north this week to meet up with some great people on the Dee.  I very much look forward to hearing about all that is going on, making sure we have our FishDee site as up to date as possible with all the up to date information you would expect from us. 
A plea to all you fisherman out there and indeed, to ghillies and owners too. We are always looking for good quality high resolution photos of your favourite beat and of course, you catching and releasing that magnificent springer. If you do have such photos, can you please send them into us at info@fishpal.com so we can feature them on our site and indeed use them in future magazine publications.

Here’s hoping for some continued good weather this week and give all of you who are lucky enough to be out fishing a chance to catch that freshly run springer – tight lines everybody!

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