Happy Easter

Well, who thinks summer is well and truly on the way? For me, a week of settled weather, even from frosty starts in the morning, has been most welcome!

My week last week found me in glorious Deeside in its full splendour! What a beautiful part of Scotland and a lovely fresh fish for my troubles too!!


dee salmon IMG_2115









I was lucky enough to be fishing on Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld beat with some fantastic fisherman. Global’s very own Reid Hagelin, who with some 19 years of fishing experience on this particular beat, was always a good man to know when it comes to tracking down the right pool and lie to be in with a chance of a fish. He pointed out a pool to me and the favourite taking place and on my second cast, was delighted to connect with a reel screamer which kept my heart rate beating at the top end of dangerous!

Ian Murray, one of the most knowledgeable ghillies on the Dee was in good form and I learned so much about the beat and indeed, the history of the area which I found fascinating. A true gentleman and an honour to spend time with on the river bank.

Some really cracking fish caught last week, not least on the mighty Tay which saw river levels at the end of the week as low as they have been all season. With well over a 100 fish for the week there were a few notable big fish caught and indeed, many a story of fish lost too. Murthly 1 and 2 managed fish of 25lb and 30lb which is fantastic. Catches still seem to be getting better and better every week and with some settled weather to look forward to then make sure you book something up soon. Fish are  being caught all along the river and its tributaries meaningplenty of choice so look at our find fishing page on the FishTay web site for more details.

The Dee and the Tweed managed to have reasonable weeks and fish were being caught in the more settled conditions. The Dee still await the next big run of fish and locals believe the good weather will see beats doing well lower down the river but as I can testify, there are fresh fish in beats much further up and having seen clean fish running on Lower Invercauld, you have much to chose from so  get out there fishing!

On Tweed, Junction continues to fish well with fish being caught every day last week. The lower beats started to see more action but the middle beats are not only seeing fish running but catching a few too – with some settled weather, good affordable availability, get yourself out there and give yourself a chance of a magnificent springer!

Many other rivers are seeing fish being caught and stories up and down the country of successes and near misses – wet a fly this week and join in the fun, that’s what its all about!










I finished my week as it had begun,  back up on holiday over Easter with my family on Deeside in Braemar. Scorching hot and just beautiful with snow capped mountains and a river that looked as ever, crystal clear. Sometimes you just need to be walking the banks of a river to appreciate just how beautiful it is – that was my Easter and lucky to be on the Dee once more – next time though, I think I will have a rod in hand!

Time to enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend before another busy week ahead. My week this week will take me south to the river Tyne and I am really looking forward to catching up with a number of “Tyne people” as we look to expand the marketing of the river and add even more affordable fishing on this truly magnificent river. Fish are running the Tyne now and local info says its time to get out there if you can – go for it!

Happy Easter everybody, hope you are all having a great time with your family and friends and hopefully, with some fishing to look forward too!!

Tight lines everybody!

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