May On Tweed

As I sit down to write this weeks blog the hot of the press news is that a fish of 33lb has been caught today (Monday) on Hendersyde on the Tweed.

The capture and release of such a magnificent fish is timely as all my conversations during last week with anglers were typically about just how much everyone is looking forward to the month of May with expectations high of runs of big fish entering our rivers.

May is one of my favourite months of the year when the weather seems to change enough to encourage fish to run hard. History will tell us that there has been some huge fish caught in May and given just how busy we have been with bookings in recent weeks, sounds like you all want to get in on the action too!

The Dee continued to have a pretty tough week overall with 70 fish caught – each week there seems to be a growing thought that at any moment the river might just burst into life with a good run of fish overdue – lets hope the rods out this week start to pick up fish and get the season under way in style – I would love to be reporting next week of the May magic starting to happen on Deeside not least because selfishly, I am heading to the Dee soon myself!!

A better week on Tweed with 66 fish caught with most of the action on the lower beats all the way up to Junction. That said, Floors were catching too as were a few beats further up. The cracker from today will get Tweed anglers buzzing and why not, at 33lb a real cracker! Check out the remaining may availability soon as bookings were already strong before this big fish was caught!

Some cracking sport to be had on the Tay with things definitely hotting up here. Multi sea wintered fish are being reported and with some settled weather to look forward to looks like the week ahead will see fish caught the length of the river – its May after all and the Tay will yield some big “bars of silver”  I am sure – time to get those days booked up now!

With the Spey continuing to have a much better season I am hearing of good sport to be had up and down the river which is great. Not just the lower beats but beats throughout the length of the river. Word on the river is that good numbers of fish are being seen running hard which bears well for the month ahead. You will get all the details on the FishSpey reports page but if yo haven’t been back to the Spey for a while I would suggest you just might want to rectify that soon and join in the action!

Anne was again busy this weekend with a ladies day and indeed juniors too joining her with Kevin Paterson on Tweedswood. A great way to help young and old enjoy our magnificent sport and who better than Anne and Kevin to keep them right!

Tom is off this week, heading for a holiday in the north of Scotland with a car load of fishing gear to try out some new and some old favourite rivers of his. He has promised to send through pictures of any fish caught so we can post them on Facebook – no pressure then Tom!

Meetings all this week to look forward too and some really interesting people to touch base with.

I hope you all get into that “month of May” feeling and connect with that fish of a life time – tight lines everyone and don’t forge to send your prized photos into the office!!




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