Summer time?

River DeeAnother decent week

on the Dee with 123 salmon and 47 sea trout caught the length of the river with tails of first fish caught, big fish lost and birthday fish for a number of anglers too- all good stuff! Ross Macdonald’s Dee report is well worth a read and can be found here 

Elsewhere, Bob White’s weekly round up describes the Tay as continuing to hold its own with slightly fewer fish caught as the river  dropped back. Good to see the middle and upper beats doing well and reports of fresh running fish from a number of beats were reported. Fish of 25lb from Murthly 2 and Farleyer were reported as “bars of silver” and I still believe that it won’t be long before the Tay surrenders a 30lb+ fish. With plenty of good available fishing to be had FIND FISHING will give you choices that will meet everyones budget!

1606882_711770485546179_79313165113792488_nThe Tweed had a pretty indifferent week with the weekend helping out catches totals. The river was at times extremely low with the occasional thunder storm that didn’t help. The Tweed Report will keep you informed of what’s going on up and down the river. The east winds of last week were not welcome and all are hopeful of some settled weather for the week ahead. The good news is that you have a chance of a fish from the bottom of the river up to as high as Fairnilee and we will again help you find fishing to suit all budgets.

Elsewhere, the Findhorn picked up a few fish and report that they could do with some water to help out although temperatures are rising encouraging fish to run the river. Most other rivers are quiet and only the odd fish being caught – roll on the grilse runs coming to keep rods bent!

The office remains really busy with a number of new initiatives that I am working on making good progress. The phones continue to keep us busy with quite a number of anglers still looking to book up what is left of the back end fishing on offer. My advice would be to not leave things too late or you may just miss out on some good available fishing on offer. If you need help with the planning of a trip, please do give the FishPal staff a telephone call on 01573 470612.

Tight lines for the week ahead and please keep sending in your photographs, they are appreciated by so many.


P.S. Are you following us on Facebook and Twitter? . The messages we send out on these pages are up to date and give’s everyone a feel for how the fishing is going on rivers across the country with photos of fish caught, offers from hoteliers etc and can also be the first place to spot some new fishing being advertised for the first time.


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