Slow Start

FishSpeyJune can be a funny month and true to character, we saw flash flooding and rivers rising literally up a foot in 10 minutes and dirty colouring for others at best. All this has meant early June has produced tough fishing conditions across the country and poor catches as a result.

Last week’s heavy showers on Tweed meant un-fishable days and just 34 salmon for the week. If I was to pick out a positive for the week on Tweed there were 28 sea trout caught including a cracker on Boleside at 10lb.

Rising river levels affected the Tay too, only  54 salmon and 34 sea trout.  A Tay ghillie last week summed the week up nicely, “the river was going up and down like a yo-yo! ”

The Dee had the same fluctuating river levels and only 85 salmon for the week. On a positive note 126 Sea Trout reported up to 5lb. Tough week and hopefully better fortunes to follow in the week ahead.

I was lucky enough to be on Gordon Castle Beat 3 last week and whilst I was unsuccessful, one of our party did manage to land a lovely clean fish,  running fish were seen throughout the beat.. On the Thursday afternoon the river came up a foot overall! Such is the nature of the Spey that by Friday the ‘freshened-up-river’ was in good order and fish were being caught throughout the system.

The rain freshened up many spate rivers, with fish caught after the storms on the Findhon, Borgie, Lochy and the Esks. I know those out for trout have had good fun with decent hatches and some spectacular fish caught – those fishing into the early evening have particularly done well.

Anne was busy last week hosting some VIP clients from Visit Scotland and giving them a feel for what we have to offer as far as salmon fishing is concerned here in Scotland. We plan to work really closely with them going forward to make sure we are promoting the availability and affordability of fishing here in the UK. Thanks to Kevin Patterson on Tweedswood for helping out I know the Visit Scotland guys were most impressed with Kevin and the beat.

An ladies introductory day and charity day on Bywell, Tyne kept Anne busy last week, great to see so many ladies turn up to this event. These events are proving to be really popular as are the introductory days for junior anglers – its great to see new anglers coming into the sport. Big thank you to head ghillie Gary Hilary for being a great host.

To the week ahead. The team are busy as we continue to add rivers and beats to the growing FishPal sites.  For me personally there are some interesting offerings and ideas to further explore, including ones that are scheduled to come to market during the next few months,  I will tell you more in the weeks to come.

Thanks again for all the supporting comments we are continuing to receive re taking over the sponsorship of the FishPal Malloch Trophy. The cracker from Hendersyde in May at 33lb is currently leading the way, but, I have a sneaky suspicion that there will be more fish caught before the season is out – lets hope it is you who becomes the next winner of this prestigious trophy!

Tight lines everyoen – keep the photo’s coming, much appreciated.

Mark Cockburn

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