30lb Tweed Salmon

10155827_720688397970409_4260863248583951315_nThe slow start to June pretty well continued last week with all rivers struggling to post decent catches. There was one exception, an absolute cracking fish caught by Iain Wilson from the Borders Gun Room and our very own Tweed report writer.

Fishing Mertoun beat with a singled handed rod Ian and his fishing companion had already caught fish of 15lb, 8lb and a nice wee sea trout when Iain hooked into a monster salmon estimated to be around 32lb. Read the full story here – a cracker of a fish and a huge well done Iain, a fish of a life time and the smile in the photo for me says it all!

The Tweed itself had a poor week overall with again some really difficult conditions to contend with. The total for the week was a poor 49 salmon but good to sea 56 sea tryout recored and caught throughout the length of the river. Word on the ground is that the river is clearing nicely and anticipation is high for the week ahead with some reasonably settled weather forecasted for a change. Still some excellent availability to be had which you can find here –  definitely worth a day on the Tweed if you can fit it in, who knows, there may well be a salmon in the river bigger than Iain’s cracker!

On the Tay, same story,  a difficult week with catches well down on what one would expect for this time of year. Only 35 salmon and 28 sea trout reported for the week but in a similar way to the Tweed, a river that has now cleared nicely and at a good hight so this week coming might just be a good week to venture out onto the Tay – you can find some excellent fishing at very reasonable prices here.

The Spey had a tough old week although I am hearing of fish caught in the middle to upper beats and whilst not in great numbers, good to know the river has had a fair number of anglers out fishing. And why wouldn’t you want to fish the Spey, a truly beautiful river and a pleasure to be on its banks.

On the Dee, my broken record reporting continues in that the river was high or dirty or both. A number of days were lost and 79 salmon reported caught for the week. The sea trout numbers were a bit more encouraging with some 125 reported all in the 3lb to 5lb category. This week again promises a much more settled week and those lucky enough to be on the Dee this week should see good sport from top to bottom. If you would like to join in the fun then here is what is still available and again, at prices that affordable.

10314020_664956240248885_8617277693128653371_nThe Esk’s continue to pick away at their catches on both the salmon and sea trout front. If you haven’t had the pleasure of fishing on the Esk’s then I would strongly recommend that you find your way here at some point soon. Good availability and again affordability and always a pleasure to fish.

Another river that I am hearing that has a head of fish running is the Tyne. Now if you haven’t found your way to the Tyne before then again, I would recommend a visit to this incredible river. I have managed to fish the Tyne this year, my first time and I really enjoyed the experience. With so many well looked after beats to choose from at sensible pieces look it up. Tom in the office can help you find what yo hare looking for and I am sure you will really enjoy your fishing trip here.

Our partnership with Sportquest, the highly acclaimed international fishing holiday company has been going really well with us able to introduce many anglers to them who are looking for that personal touch in arranging a trip abroad. You can find out more by visiting our web site here  and then clicking through to Sportquest to start your search. If you need any help at all then please do give Tom a ring in the office and he will happily help you out.

A final word from me. A huge thank you for the photos that are coming in right now.  Great to see so many anglers now sending photos of your prized catch still  in the water before release. This all goes a long way to ensuring we preserve our most valuable asset – the magnificent atlantic salmon – a prized catch and a pride in releasing it safely back to the river to carry on its quest.

Tight lines everybody!

Mark Cockburn


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