Autumn Salmon Fishing

It has been a frustrating summer with warm weather, near drought like conditions across the country and then just when we thought our prayers have been answered and  rain forecast we had so much water that many rivers flooded, and as the dust settled many beats saw the serious damage that had been done.

Not all bad news. Despite damage to huts, boats, banks it was interesting to hear ghillies reflecting on the changing nature of their beloved beats with a positive spin on things. One referring to a nice new pool that had been created, another happy that a large stone had been washed into a pool and was now a perfect lie for a fish,

September has started again very dry and quite warm although overnight temperatures are now pretty low but their are fish being caught and still opportunities all over the country to wet your appetite and get some fishing in before the seasons come to an end.

I was lucky enough to be fishing with a good friend on Gordon Castle Lower beat 1 and 2 last week and quite a change to how the beat looks after the floods. But the good news is that there were some new pools to try and we had a great few days. On one day alone last week just as the tide was rising we saw a spectacular site – absolutely loads of fresh fish all on a mission to get up the river and I really do believe that after a tough time of it on the Spey in recent months September is going to be a good month.  Have a look at what we have left to snap up before the season finishes at the end of the month FIND FISHING

The Tweed too seemed to miss the giant flood like conditions that other rivers were experiencing and had a decent enough amount of rain to really get things going. When the river settled fishing was fantastic and several weeks of over 200 fish a week were being reported on the `FishTweed site. The popularity of the Tweed seems to be growing even in these difficult times with the back end fishing pretty well booked up although if you take time to look at FIND FISHING  there are still the odd day here and there to again wet your appetite – the lower beats are fairing particularly well in these low water conditions although fish are now being caught in the middle river section too. A “wee” bit of rain would certainly help but with a season of end November there is plenty of time to get on the river. Remember, the back end is usually when the largest of fish are caught and who knows, it could be you being presented the FishPal Malloch Trophy next year!

The mighty Tay has also been a bit devoid of water although catches have actually been pretty reasonable overall, not where we would hope they would be but as I said, not bad at all! Anticipation is high on the river that a 30lb+ fish is surrendered, not that many big fish yet this season but I would wager that it is only a matter of time – stay tuned! You can see what we have available for the remainder of this season here FIND FISHING 

Up on the Dee a similar picture has been unfolding all season with some real frustrations about the lack of fish. The Dee have had warm, dry drought like conditions for some time with only the occasional downpour to freshen things up. Thankfully recent weeks have seen catches a bit more respectable with fish caught the length of the river. With the Dee finishing up on the 15th of October there is still time to get out on the river and there is still a selection of fishing available up and down the river – I for one will be making sure I am on the Dee before the season comes to an end and i hope you manage to do the same! FIND FISHING 

Other things that are going on and worthy of mention are we are getting some great feedback on our partnership with Sportquest. Sportquest for those who are not familiar with them are an International Fishing Destination company who take pride in personalising your fishing trip abroad – no matter which part of the world you would like to visit. Have a look at the sit details and give them a ring to discuss ideas you might have and remember to tell them you found them via FishPal and you will get the best of deals! SPORTQUEST 

Other fantastic partnerships are about to be announced that I am really excited about. I have been speaking to the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews who we will now be working with to bring you exclusive fishing  and golf packages that combine some of the best rivers to fish and golf courses to play golf on. Again stay tuned on this one, hope to get this all up and running within the next few weeks.

Next blog I hope to tell you about several other new initiatives that I am currently working on. Great to be always on the front foot thinking through new ways of doing things or even tweaking existing approaches. If anyone reading this has any good ideas on where we might go next then please do let me know – your feedback and thoughts are most welcome!

Anyway, time to get your thinking caps on as to where you are going to fish and get it booked up before the seasons do finally come to and end – think FishPal Malloch Trophy winner in your dreams, you just never know, someone has got to win this most prestigious of prizes and it just might be you!!

Tight Lines

Mark Cockburn



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