Seasons on some rivers are drawing to a close…..but there is still time elsewhere!

10514529_1516772745235299_7749557927978407186_nA look back at last weeks catches tells an interesting story. Grilse runs seem non existant, there are few large fish currently being caught but despite everything, there are as ever a few stories of great days out on rivers across the country.

On the Tweed last week a total of 136 salmon were caught, mainly from the bottom of the river and little yet to write home about from the Upper Tweed. Not surprising we still desperately await some rain to freshen things up. The forecast for the week ahead is for temperatures to cool down which will help, but little in the way of rain forecast I’m afraid. That said, if you are keen to get on to the river there ares still rods available on some of the lower beats and these must be worth a visit. See what we still have available HERE.

On the Spey, as we head towards the end of the season, September catches seem to be pretty reasonable from reports I am hearing. Salmon caught up the river and plenty of fish seen as fresh fish move into the pools. I have been encouraged with the conversations had with beats as to plans for next season and the availability. I really do hope that next year we will have more fishing throughout the season and at prices that will hopefully encourage many existing and indeed new anglers to enjoy some good days on the river. My next challenge is to try and have more catch information for you all to see – still a bit of a challenge but I am determined to keep trying!

The mighty Tay saw last weeks settled conditions give up 123 salmon in near summer like conditions. Not a bad week all things considered and some excellent catches on the lower beats in particular. The Tay like everywhere are praying for some rain to liven things up although I get the feeling that there is still an air on anticipation that the river will surrender a big fish soon. The Tay usually always comes up with a monster fish at the back end and I hope that happens again before the season is out and give us a new contender for the FishPal Malloch Trophy! Plenty of good fishing still available and well worth a trip to the Tay if you have some time on your hands. FIND FISHING

The Dee had a reasonably week of it in again, summer like conditions and 121 salmon recored and 19 sea trout. The Dee have had a tough time of it recently, but as ever there are stories of good days from parties who fished early morning. What they would give for  rain before the season comes to a conclusion on the 15th of October for beats below Aboyne Bridge – for the rest, the end of September is the last days fishing so the week ahead is your last chance to get on the river – See what we still have HERE. I’m sure there will fish caught in decent numbers this week as many anglers try and squeeze some last minute fishing in – don’t leave it too long or you will be out of season!

Good to to see the Esk’s doing reasonably well with 34 fish recorded for the week and reports of fish running the river which always keeps you believing that you are in with a chance of a fish. With their season end not till the end of October it would be worth a trip if you can manage some time away from work. Here is the link to FIND FISHING for what we still have available.

The Tyne continues to be fishing well with the water releases from Keilder helping keep the rivers topped up nicely. The Tyne is a river that is becoming more and more popular and having fished their earlier this year and a further trip planned I can recommend that you plan a trip to the Tyne. Speak to Tom in th eoffice who has a great knowledge of both the North and South Tyne to help you arrange some fishing.

Great to catch up with the expert team on the river Ness last week who are doing a great job in helping bring more and more availability on the river to you all. The Ness is a lovely river and somewhere i will try and visit more next year. I saw plenty of fish moving when we were walking the river and anglers reporting some lovely fresh fish being caught. The 15th of October is season end so still time to get to the Ness this year if you can, I ma sure it would be worth it! FIND FISHING

Lastly, great to be able to catch up with John Veitch on the River Lochy. The Lochy is a fantastic river set in  truly magnificent surroundings and a real hidden gem. John’s expert knowledge of the river going back many years means that you are certain to be in good hands if you can arrange some fishing next year here. John will be working closely with us to bring you some fantastic availability for next year so stay tuned – might be worth adding the ~Lochy to your rod alerts to keep in touch with what is going in. I am looking forward already to next year and a long overdue cast on the Lochy!

Tight lines to all for the week ahead, particularly those on rivers that will see your season come to an end. And if you still are keen to get out, remember the Tweed fishes right through till the end of November and may well be worth a visit to get in amongst some big back end salmon!




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