Rain rain rain……hallelujah! Fancy winning a Mackenzie DTX rod!

Last week I asked everyone to join with me in a collective rain dance and hey hey!!!! We got it!! Well done to you all now lets hope rivers clear, fish run and for the remaining part of our seasons we can enjoy some good runs of salmon to make a difficult season somehow OK!!

It’s been a really exciting week at the FishPal offices where Anne has been busy pulling together a competition that I really do hope all of you will enter. The competition is about the best story you can tell us about the magical capture of a salmon that you will no doubt remember for the rest of your life. We all have great memories of fish caught against the odds, a particular thing that happened that meant you were lucky enough to land your fish or maybe just such an amazing place to catch a fish you will never forget what happened.10599692_771390632900185_7759804986180494310_n

Tell us your story by email, or send us a cracking photo that sums it up or if you were lucky enough to video the who;e event then send us that. The competition will run till the end of November and is about an “Autumn” fish caught this year that must have been released too. The site pages are detailed below for you to find out how you enter. What’s the prize? Thanks to fishing legend Scott Mackenzie there is a rod of your choice from his DTX range up for grabs which must mean you have got to get an entry in asap!! Thanks to Scott of supporting the competition, the bit Scott liked most about the idea behind the competition was not just looking forward to hearing about your epic tales but the fact that it is all about catch release as the main entry criteria – cheers Scott!! Cut and paste this link into your browser for more info  – http://blog.fishpal.com/2014/10/03/win-a-mackenzie-rod-this-autumn/

Lets start with the Tay this week, really great to see the back end of last week give anglers a great day on Saturday with some 45 salmon caught and a weeks total of 172 and a cracking fish of 29lb from Cargill. I said there was likely to be a 30lb+ fish caught this season and we are getting closer and closer and with some water to encourage those fish that are desperate to run the river, we might just still see the magical 30lb figure hit yet!!  Plenty of opportunity to get in amongst the action f you are quick. Cut and paste this link into your browser fro more info – http://www.fishpal.com/Scotland/Tay/FindFishing.asp?dom=Tay

The Tweed did pretty well on the lower beats before the water came and great to see a fish from Holylee on the Upper Tweed caught on Saturday. I met with Jack, ghillie on Holylee this week and the river was -2 on the gauge when I was there. Its amazing how quickly rivers can change.  Jack is a fantastic ghillie and anyone lucky enough to be heading to Holylee this season will be in good hands!

The dirty water of yesterday and today will hopefully drop off as the river levels page of today confirms, dropping back nicely. There is some more rain forecast but I hope the Tweed action gets properly under way to get the “back end” well and truly underway – this time last year after a similar rainfall period there was last years winner of the Malloch Trophy caught on Boleside, a fish of 50lb fish that was in a funny sort of way, beautiful and ugly at the same time!

I am so proud that FishPal are the new sponsors of this magical and prestigious trophy, surely every anglers dream to win the trophy and tell tales of the capture over many an evening for as long as you live! My brother said to me at the weekend having told him about FishPal being the new sponsor, “what if its you who happens to capture the biggest fish of the season, who will award you the trophy!” I think I will worry about that one if by some miracle that ever happens!! No matter what, someone does have to win it and I will be honoured to hand over the trophy to the lucky, sorry, extremely skilful, angler who catches the 2014 best fly caught salmon that was safely released to fight another day. Cut and paste this link into your browser for more info – http://www.fishpal.com/MallochTrophy/index.asp?dom=Pal

On the Dee this week the catches might have slightly down but the highlight of the week must surely be the incredible amount of money that was raised at the dinner held by there ever proactive Dee Trust. An incredible £70,000 from people who care about the Dee, thanks to everyone involved, an incredible achievement and some funny photos on the night itself of recognised Dee folk – check out the FishDee Facebook pages for the pics, great stuff!!

If I could magically transport myself to a river this week it would have to be out on the Hebrides rivers andf lochs where water has filled up the burns and lochs and treaty sport is being had by those lucky enough to be out there. A must for those who have yet to experience just what it is like to experience the magic of the Hebrides. Phone our very own Gail Tunnnah on the usual office number for some expert local advice and help.

THe “Esks” are doing well and this month promises to be pretty special after some rain to freshen things up. Get on the Esk’s if you can, I for one have now an October date to fish the Esk’s in the diary which I am really looking forward too. Come and join in if you can, promises to be great fun and hopefully some decent runs to cast a fly at. Check out what’s still available by cutting and pasting this link into your browser –   http://www.fishpal.com/Scotland/Esks/FindFishing.asp?dom=Pal

I had a great trip to the Tyne this week at Chollerton. What a truly beautiful part of the North Tyne. Great spot, great help and advice from Malcolm and Johnny and a beat that you must try and fish soon. The Tyne has some of the most incredibly secluded beats with a reasonably reliable release from Keilder to keep the river topped up and some cracking salmon to report – check out our `FishTyne site for all the availability and up to date information from Neil Lobban our Tyne report writer, a great guy who has a passion for the Tyne like so many other local anglers and a fantastic guide if you need any help! Cut and paste this link into your browser fro more info – http://www.fishpal.com/England/Tyne/?dom=Tyne

My last brief mention must be to mention the west coat rivers, mainly spate but now in spate. Still a fair chunk of the season to go on the west coast and plenty to choose from. Some really great stories of difficult captures, some big fish and I bet still much to happen yet before the seasons on the west coast  finally finishes. Give it a try, call Tom on the office number to find out more and help you find what you are looking for.

A wee story to finish about one of our regular customers who we introduced to our International Destination Fishing Partner “Sportquest.” The story goes that they have now booked an unforgettable trip to Cuba. What started as a simple enquiry for some passionate fishing pals thinking of doing something different ended up being a personalised trip of a life time for 8 pals who are now counting down the days till their trip finally comes about. Sportquest pride themselves on “personalising” every trip for every angler, that’s why we partner with then because thats whats important for those lucky enough to be thinking of a wee trip to somewhere different. Give them a call and tell then that you heard about them via  FishPal  to secure the very best of deals available. Cut and paste this link into your browser for more info – http://www.fishpal.com/International/

So lets get fishing people, still plenty of time and options available if you still fancy a cast before we say goodbye to the 2014 season. Tom Carter or indeed any of the FishPal team would be happy to discuss with you what you might just still squeeze in before we turn our thoughts to next year. Phone us on the office number 01573 470612  to talk to us, look forward to helping you with your plans!


Tight lines for the week ahead and don’t forget to send us the photos of your catch being safely returned to the water!!


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