December update from Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn FishPalAs we go to press with our final newsletter of the year I reflect on a very trying year for all us anglers. High temperatures, long sunny days, rivers temperatures high most of the year and then floods giving us all a real sense of frustration to say the least across the country. The continued, well documented problems at sea only making the current position all the more challenging.

And yet I am amazed at just how busy we have been in our offices with anglers booking up their fishing trips for 2015. True to say that we anglers are eternal optimists and only ever want to be looking forward to our next adventure on a river somewhere soon.

The highlight for me in 2014 was undoubtably the launch of our FishPal Insurance Policy at the beginning of November. The policy has taken around a year to get to market, not easy launching a new Financial Product in our current economic climate but delighted to be able to report that after a successful trial period through the month on November, you will be able to take out this extensive cover on all bookings for the new season. I remember conversations with fellow anglers in huts on various rivers, with fisherman in the bar after a hard days fishing and more recently on the phone with many of you who were disappointed to not have managed to get fishing as the river turned to flood the day before you were due to fish. Well, now you will have the small reward of at least being able to make a claim if the river is in flood which will hopefully go someway to help, although like me you never want to be in such a situation as we all simply want to go fishing! The link above will give you details of all the benefits the policy has to offer which go way beyond your fishing being cancelled. If you have already booked your fishing through us for next year, don’t worry, follow this link and you can still take out the cover if you so wish.

The team are busily sorting out all of your fishing requests for next year and we hope to be able to confirm to you all what we have managed to arrange for you before christmas. This will allow all remaining available fishing to be released onto our various web sites so keep a close eye on the sites. If you haven’t yet registered for a rod alert then follow this link to set one up. This will let you know by email first thing morning that additional available fishing has been added that you just might be interested in. You can have as many rod alerts on as many rivers as you like.

It only leaves me to say a huge thank you to all the anglers I have met on rivers across the country this year who have made me most welcome and a huge thank you too to all those I have met who have been so kind in their comments about what we strive to achieve here at FishPal. Bringing as much available and affordable fishing to as many anglers is what it is all about and I look forward to being able to give you even more options as to where to fish in 2015.

Merry christmas everyone and tight lines for 2015!

Mark Cockburn

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