Spring is in the air!

Mark CockburnAs I sit down to write another blog I note that we have started to see some good catches reported across the country which is good news!!

The Tay and Tweed are seeing catches increase week on week with the week just gone giving each river 100+ springers and some big fish at that – excellent news! Dee has had fewer rods on the river, although this is starting to change as catches are starting to come through and again with some cracking fish recorded up and down the river.

On the Spey it is a similar story, some good catches and some excellent fish which is getting Spey anglers excited and quite rightly too.I am hearing of some decent catches on our more northerly rivers of Scotland from the Thurso through to the Borgie, Helmsdale and beyond, again all good news.

River DeeFantastic to see the river Tyne starting to catch some specimen fish caught around Bywell and Styford near the fish pass. Hopefully fish are starting to creep up the river, although it might be a while yet before we see the kind of returns the Tyne is renown for further up the system.

And why are we seeing catches increase? Well, for one thing rather than just watching from a distance and waiting to see what is happening on any one individual river, we have more anglers out wetting their flies – always helps to increase catches with the old saying spot on here “you need your fly in the water to stand a chance of catching a fish!”

The Spring like weather has definitely helped with air temperatures gradually increasing and water temperatures too. I am hearing of more and more fish actually being seen which always gets the heart pumping. The clocks are due to go forward next week and with it longer days and hopefully some milder Spring like weather with it. This time of year is my personal favourite time to be out on the river in search of a springer!!

River TayBut where to fish? Thankfully our sites are full of availability, with lots of affordable fishing on many rivers for the month of April. I do get fed up when someone tells me they can’t afford to fish rivers like the Tweed which is a complete nonsense. You can fish the Tweed this month and indeed April for as little as £20 a day, which is incredibly good value – I couldn’t take my wife to the movies for twenty quid.

If you need any help in finding a days fishing then give the office a ring. My staff can help you find what you are looking for, including something a little bit different. Equally, if you are planning a trip for later in the year we have some fantastic fishing on available along with recommendations of some equally fantastic accommodation.

This week I am delighted to say that we will be attending the latest Tweed seminar held on Wednesday (25th) in the Ednam House Hotel Kelso entitled “the Ups and Downs of Tweed Salmon” which promises to be a great event. Following on from the seminar I will then take the opportunity to present the FishPal Malloch Trophy to the 2014 winner, Wayne Longstaff for his cracking fish caught on Hendersyde beat on Tweed. Where better to present the trophy than to an audience of Tweed fisherman and owners. Look out for the River Tynephotos from the night in due course and come along if you can, it’s a free event and is always really well attended.

So with spring in the air, salmon starting to be caught in increasing numbers up and down the country isn’t it time that you got yourself out there and join in the fun!! With fish already caught over the 30lb mark and quite a number in the 20’s too, you have got to believe that you just might get lucky and catch that bar of silver yourself – see you on a river bank soon, because I for one will make sure I do join in the fun!!

Tight lines everyone!



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