Summer time and the fishing is – doing OK!

Spey 29lb June 2015As I sit down to write my latest blog we have just had a scorcher of a week across the country and definitely a feeling of summer finally arriving. The high winds and difficult conditions I hope are behind us and the fishing on many of our rivers is doing really pretty well – how nice to be able to say that after recent though times! That said although I admit, we have a long way to go yet as far as this years concerned but I am delighted to be hearing of so many success stories on so many rivers.

What I have noticed probably most of all is the number of stories of fish being hooked and lost. This is not just a particular river specific story but indeed stories of such losses from many different rivers. The good news though is many anglers having seen their fish head of into the sunset have gone on to hook, land and release a fish to keep them happy and sane in equal measures!
The River Spey is having a cracking time of it with fish being caught up and down the river and reports of many 20lb fish are really encouraging. The river is in great order and many a long time Spey angler is having a good time right now – patience as ever being the operative word but just so good to be able to report the river doing so well. What is particularly encouraging is that there are good numbers of salmon and sea trout being caught keeping rods busy.
On the Tweed, catches keep ticking away and fish are being caught up and down the river, particularly middle beats. The early morning and late evening tactics seem to be worth bearing in mind if you are able to get on to your beat with the ghillies permission at these times – its just been to hot and sunny to really have much of a chance through the day. Great to see a few young anglers successful. A case in question was young Archie Scott fishing with Mick Charlton on Middle Pavilion with a first fish on his first salmon trip!! Well done that man, a fine fish of 9lb that has been entered into the FishPal Junior Malloch competition. 
The River Dee has had a tough time of it in recent weeks but good to see both salmon and sea trout being caught – the sea trout fishing is doing really quite well with last week 111 sea trout reported. A beautiful river to fish and always good to know that if you struggling to find salmon then to have a change of tactic and get the sea trout gear set up will likely mean your day has been worthwhile.
Tay salmon MayThe Tay stands out from all other rivers right now with last week some 156 salmon caught which is just fantastic. The fish here are well spread up and down the river and some crackers being landed. Many a tale of decent days of multiple fish being caught, particularly from the middle beats and if you have yet to fish the Tay this season then you would be wise to get something in the diary asap!
The Northern rivers have been fishing well with too, particularly if you were lucky enough to hit the river after some rain. The Thurso, Navar, Carron, Ness to name but a few all reporting some good sport to be had. Always a joy to be on a Highland River when you hit it at the right time and I am looking forward to a trip North soon to join in the fun.
Turning to the West Coast rivers such as the Galloway rivers, Orchy and Eden they are reporting good catches too and up on last years year to date. All good and more to come if we could just top the rivers up a bit with some rain.
Another river to keep an eye on is the River Tyne which has some excellent fishing to be had. Some cracking fish being caught but could do with some rain in the short term.
So there you go – its summer time and the fishing, whilst not easy, definitely has a feel for doing pretty well right now and isn’t it great to be able to say that! The office has been busy taking bookings for anglers all across the country as more and more of you want to get in amounts the action. There is still plenty of last minute availability that you can source on the various river sites or by all means give us a ring in the office to help you plan that next trip.
FishPal's Marketing Director Anne WoodcockIf you are thinking of still squeezing some “back end” fishing in that my advice would be to get this booked asap as the best fishing is now starting to thin out and you wouldn’t want to miss out if at all possible. Remember, we now offer our exclusive FishPal Insurance Policy which will cover you for being unable to fish due to high water conditions on the beat plus other key benefits including Trip Cancellation, Personal Property and Personal Liability which has got to be good news.
A final comment on the team at FishPal and how we are all fairing this year as far as fish caught is concerned. Fair to say that leading the way by miles with fish caught on the Tyne, Tweed, Whiteadder, Tay, Eden etc etc etc is Anne Woodcock who seems to be on a roll this season. Not only catching fish herself but many a story of Anne helping someone else to hook and land a fish – dedication to the job above and beyond the call of duty!! (and we are all just jealous!)
Tight lines everyone – Mark

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