Spring Fishing on Tweed

10917049_945780468794533_1164030518177740860_nHard to believe we are now into March! The Tweed season is well and truly under way and with the milder weather right now its good to see more anglers making their way to the River Tweed. I for one have enjoyed wetting my fly on West Learmouth beat last week. The river was clearing and dropping and expectations remained high all day.

At this time of the year there is some good value fishing available on beats on Tweed that in the height of the season become expensive. It’s an excellent time to try a beat you might not have fished before and you just never know what the next cast might bring! You can check out what we have on offer this month here.

Hendersyde have started well, so as Sprouston and Junction and Upper North Wark have caught 6 fish so far this month. Others are reporting their first fish of the season as things are starting to pick up, it really does make you want to squeeze in a day or two during the next few weeks now the weather is starting to feel more like Spring.

Mark Cockburn

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