Tweed Report

As we go to press on this month’s Tweed newsletter we have had a week of just over 200 salmon caught, and a quieter week last week not least as a result of some really hot weather with 72 fish caught up to 20lbs

The successful anglers catching these absolute bars of silver will say that the hard work and the constantly changing tactics and times of day that they choose to fish was all worth it and who could argue with that.

The river remains devoid of any freshening rain and the forecast seems to be saying that we might find it cooling down a bit but more sunny days are to come – so do think about the time of day to fish with your ghillies permission and tactics more than ever as there are fish coming in on the tides and interesting to see fish this week caught up as far as Bemersyde, Middle Pavilion and Boleside.

I don’t know about you but fishing in these conditions is perfectly pleasant compared to only a few ago fishing in blizzards and freezing cold conditions so don’t knock all this sunshine!! In speaking to anglers over the last dew weeks it really did strike me just how far anglers travel to fish their favourite river.

From the borders to the North of Scotland and from Scandinavia to Russia, anglers are fishing Tweed to experience what the river has to offer – many of them for the first time and others who have been returning to the Tweed for many a year.

As we approach summer (if we are not already here) there will be early starts and late finishes to try and catch a Tweed salmon or sea trout to look forward too. I for one can’t wait till my next outing, maybe I might be lucky to connect into a fish but if not, the experience will as always will put a smile on my face, that for me is what it is all about, thats fishing!


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