June Fishing From Mark Cockburn

fish34Summer conditions have been the name of the game for the last month and as I write this post there is a change in the air. Could the long awaited rain finally be on its way?

It’s been a pretty busy four weeks which has seen me visiting customers across Scotland and meetings with new beat owners flying in to Edinburgh to meet FishPal.

Last week I meet up with Ross at the Dee Rivers Trust and beats on the river. The Dee is a river dear to many of us and fair to say one that has had some bad press in recent times. There is an air of optimism on the Dee, whilst catch statistics are not yet back to beating records, the river is again producing some specimen springers and beats are reporting a good start.

Visiting Tilbouries and Park I could see fish moving even when the sun was splitting the sky and anglers were topping up their tans. Everyone casting a line was kept interested right through the day, till it was time to pack up.

Young Daniel on Tilbouries was in good form, having just caught a few fresh fish at the weekend. He suggested I started fishing the beat at 6am, I was sure we would hook into a fish, but alas not this time. If fish were caught on enthusiasm and fishing hours then Tilbouries deserve more fish! It’s a lovely beat and at current prices for a days fishing with a ghillie who can offer advice and instruction for beginners it is well worth a cast this summer – read more.

On Park, in the capable hands as always of Keith Cromer, it was interesting to see at first hand how the floods had breached the beat into the fields. The water levels had reached the front of Keith’s house, almost too difficult to imagine now. The good news is that all the bank work and surrounding access roads have been completed and the beat is looking great. I saw running fish and the start of resident’s in a few pools, Green Bank pool was full of fish. I really hope the momentum can continue on the Dee – as I go to press I have had a interesting conversation with Walter, ghillie on Banchory that the first of this years grilse run has arrived, early yes, but much appreciated and keeping anglers busy fishing the Dee!

The mighty Tay continues to fish well with some cracking fish reported across the river, tributaries and into the loch. The water levels have been really low yet sport is still being enjoyed by anglers, despite this and the sunny weather. The Tay is one of those rivers that will give you a fighting chance of hooking into a fish, and with the added thought that it could be one of their legendary 30lb+ fish the river is renowned for. Check out Bob Whites report HERE for details on what’s happening. You really do get a feel each week from Bob that there is always more to tell from anglers stories of cracking fish caught. Plenty of fishing available which you can find HERE.

The Tweed has been suffering from long hot days and little in the way of fresh rain to liven things up. That said, it does seem to continue to produce fish when the rod effort is there, even if the shoes seem to be early on late at night for the best chance of a fish. Speaking with Mick Charlton on Middle Pavilion earlier today he says he has quite a few fish in his pools, although he is not seeing much activity on the surface. Mick had a cast yesterday morning and caught 2 fish to his own rod. Fish are running the river, not there yet in the high numbers we would like. With no heavy rain forecast we might have to wait a while to freshen things up.

The Spey has stories of fish being caught with lower beats producing good numbers. One angler had a Red Letter day on Gordon Castle last week with 8 salmon to his rod. Elsewhere fish are being caught in the low water conditions all the way up to Grantown. A decent deluge of rain over the last few days has been most welcome and it will be interesting to see what this will do to catches in the coming week. Find whats available by following this link. 

The Annan has reported some cracking trout fishing, along with the odd salmon and sea trout caught on the lower river and reports of fish in the Solway. With fish waiting to enter the system it might just be a good idea to check the weather and book some affordable Annan tout and/or salmon fishing at very reasonable prices. Here’s the link to FIND FISHING.

Spate rivers in the north are doing well when the rain comes, but the wait for water makes for long days when fishing trickles of water. If you haven’t fished the Ness in Inverness then this might be worth sticking on your radar. I am seeing photos of fish caught on the Ness on a daily basis just now and the river is only lightly fished – find fishing.

I hope you are all following the good news stories from our new rivers on the site in Yorkshire. The river Ure is reportedly “stuffed” with fish and some big fish amongst them. The Esk too is picking up nicely and reports of fish at Egton from anglers have kept many an angler happy in recent days. Follow this link  to the Yorkshire site where you can read the new reports and indeed find out what fishing is available HERE,  all at decent prices. We are adding new fishing to the Yorkshire site on a regular basis right now so keep an eye on whats coming on, some cracking fishing to be had. LINK.

In summary lots going on with some cracking days to be had by all across the country. No matter where you would like to fish or at what time of year we have fishing available from day tickets through to full week packages. The individual site pages and reports are all worth looking at and you can subscribe to any one report, river level info or catches by following the link HERE. Having a rod alert on the rivers you want to keep close to means you will get an email first thing in the morning with any new fishing added on that river and by far the best way of keeping close to whats going on and whats being added by way of availability. To register fro rod alerts, follow this LINK .

Don’t forget the market leading FISHPAL INSURANCE POLICY which will not only cover you if your fishing is flooded off but the cost of travel, hotels etc where appropriate. We have had many a happy angler who was delighted that they had chosen to take out the cover and few conversations, as is the nature of insurance, with anglers wishing that they had taken the cover only to find there fishing flooded off!

Mark Cockburn


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