Update From Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn CEO FishPalAs I sit down to write my blog I do so with a big smile on my face! Why I here you ask, its because isn’t it great to be able to reflect on a season so far that indicates our rivers across the country are doing pretty well right now without us necessarily getting too carried away with ourselves.

I guess you always need to put things as a fisherman into perspective and we all know that we have had a pretty tough couple of previous years so to see rivers doing well and anglers happy as a result in the improved catches being reported is perhaps to be expected. That
said, I am just glad that we have so many tales of successes (and indeed near misses) to keep us all in a confident mood as we start marching slowly but surely towards the “back end” of our seasons.

All of these happy times against a backdrop in recent weeks of very changeable weather patters that has seen us in glorious sunshine one mayor get soaked from a sudden downpour another day that coloured up the river. First thing in the morning and evening fishing has been the name of the game as anglers rightly try and maxim the best fishing time available.

The Tweed to start with has had a good start to the year with fish caught above 2000 as at the end of June and stories of some really cracking fish being caught in the main, on the lower and middle beats of the river. I have met many a Tweed angler in recent weeks who has seen some action making for many a new story to be told in huts up and down the river. We have some new ghillies starting on the Tweed on Horncliffe and Fairnilee who have been really busy getting the beats knocked into shape – always good to see and no doubt will help enhance the fishing experience for those lucky enough to be joining them before the season is out. Some really good beats still with limited availability and don’t forget, a season that runs till the end of November. LINK

13934986_875885285877099_5715742400484831270_nWe also have a new tackle and gun shop just opened in Kelso which is great news. The brand new shop is Fin and Game, with so much choice for an angler to spend their hard earned money on. The good news is that Tweedside Tackle are still very much in business across the street giving anglers a positively delightful shopping opportunity whilst in Kelso not forgetting that we also still have Orvis on hand to visit too. It really is going to be an even more expensive time for fisherman in around the Kelso area I feel going forward!

On the mighty Tay the fishing has continued to be strong with beats reporting good runs of summer grilse for anglers to go at. The good fishing has been welcomed by Tay anglers who are reporting good days out and tales of many a lost fish too. The river has fluctuated a fair bit as the flash downpours come and go making it difficult at times but still many an example of some cracking fish being caught with the prospects looking good for the next few weeks. Much to choose from by way of availability right now up and down the river and if you need help in sorting out a few days on the river then do give us a ring. You can find whats available by following this LINK.

The Spey continues to have a really cracking season so far with some incredible tales of successful days had really all the way up and down the river although some of the lower beats in particular have had a fantastic time of it. Many a phone call right now into the office looking for available fishing on the Spey from anglers wanting to organise a trip to the Spey. Their frustration and indeed one of mine too is that we still have not got our reporting of catches on the Spey as transparent as I would like. There has certainly been progress made but we could really do with other beats realising the importance of reporting their catches – its what anglers want to know about more than any other topic! Heres what we have on the Spey – still plenty of time to get in amongst the action if you have time to spare and as ever, we are happy to help you sort out a trip on advice from where to fish, where to stay or what tackle to bring LINK

The Dee too is also a river showing some good form right now and catches are slowly building quite nicely as the season marches on. The Dee has had a tough time in recent times and great to report so many good stories of successful fishing days on the river which is certainly catching the eye of many a Dee angler as we see increased numbers of anglers wanting to get on the river. Again we have some fantastic beats to choose from right now which can be found HERE and well worth looking at how you can find your way to getting a few days on the Dee if you can – shout as always if you need any help!

Interestingly, the South West coast rivers are seeing a really good spell right now as salmon come in from their estuaries. Rivers like the Nith, Annan Border Esk in particular are seeing some really good sport and fisherman are quite rightly, booking a fair bit of fishing on these rivers right now as they want to get in on the fun. If you haven’t experienced these lovely rivers before then always worthwhile giving them a thought before you book up as they really are seeing some incredible hot sport action right now which is always good to report. The Solway Firth has reportedly got a huge number of salmon in it – sounds like there could be some fun times ahead!

Further west still I am hearing of some good days on the Hebrides for both trout and salmon although as aways here, the need for a bit of water to help with the salmon runs is what you are looking for and usually don’t have to wait too long for some rain to come along!

In the North of Scotland, there has been some quite incredible action on rivers like the Thurso with a recent weeks catches reported at over 400 for the week – imagine being lucky enough to have been fishing that week – we can but dream! Other rivers such as the Navar, Helmsdale and Ness are also fishing really well right now. Ness photos of fish caught on Facebook and on our site are coming in thick and fast showing that the Ness is really picking up the pace. Still some good value fishing to be had and here is the LINK to what we have available.

The Findhorn too has been fishing well when conditions are right with some real crackers being caught from the photos I have seen on the site. A beautiful river with some amazing backdrops to the river makes fishing the Findhorn a real pleasure. Again we have some limited availability and you can find out just what we have by following this LINK.

Yorkshire rivers have been doing reasonably well overall in recent weeks again as the weather either helps or detracts from the experience. These Yorkshire rivers seem to be getting more and more attention as anglers discover this good value fishing and for many, easily accessible as part of a trip. Give us a ring if yo need help here, Tom in the office knows the rivers well and can hopefully keep you right – find fishing.
Scottish Government Angling Club Support Scheme

topCentreAdIn case you have not already heard, we are to partner with the Scottish Government offering our expert help and support to Angling Clubs in Scotland as a result of new legislation being introduced that has impacted on Angling Clubs in particular across the country.

If you would like to know more about the scheme then I would encourage you to register your Angling Club on our site by following this link. This will allow us to then contact you and start to discuss just how we might be able to help using all the resources we have here at FishPal. Great to be able to help here and I really do hope as many Angling Clubs as possible get in touch with us so we can begin the dialogue thereafter.

FishPal Junior Malloch Trophy

One of the things that makes me smile the most in our fishing world is to see young people not only get into the sport but actually show how proficient an angler they are at such tender ages putting many of us adults to shame in the process! I am particularly proud of the fact that we sponsor the prestigious FishPal Malloch Trophy and the new Junior Malloch Trophy.


Last years winners of the Junioe malloch Trophy, as part of their prize, were treated to a fantastic day out on Fishponds beat on the River Tay hosted by resident Head Ghillie Ian Kirk and Scott McKenzie. A huge thank you to these guys for giving up their valuable time and for making the whole day a memorable one for all the young people involved. They winners showed off their expert casting skills but were open for some coaching from the guys and guess what, they even managed to catch a couple of fish!! Superb and I am already looking forward to seeing the entries for this years trophy as if the quality of last years entries are anything to go by we are in for a treat!!

Not only a day out but framed certificates, rods, reels and flies were given to the winners. A huge thank you to Glasgow Angling Centre and Caledonian Flies for helping out with the prizes.

And finally…..

Next week sees the calendar drift into September and the “back end” fishing proper will begin in ernest. Having summarised things so far as being pretty positive overall without trying to get too carried away with myself I, and I am sure all of you, are now hoping for the weather gods to be kind to us over the next few months that encourages good runs of fish to come into our rivers. Everything crossed at our end and only time will tell what actually happens but no matter what, just getting out on to a river of choice is surely what it is all about!! Keep the stories and photos of your trips coming please so we can share them with all the passionate anglers out there who are desperate tp hear news from the ground across the country.

Tight lines everyone!!

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