Rain At Last

Junction salmonAs I write this blog I do so having had to suffer, as all of you have too, a period of absolutely no rain since really the end of March, but, what a welcome sight last weeks rain was!! With the rain gods on our side, most rivers went into ‘flood-like’ conditions which will hopefully do the trick and help bring some fresh fish into our pools.

I was lucky enough to fishing Ian Murray’s Monaltrie and Lower Invercauld beat in May. Normally there is no better time to be Dee, but the river was running really low and to add to the challenge wall to wall sunshine also gave us problems. The beat was full of fish which is great to see. Early morning and late evening tactics worked well and our party was rewarded with fish – incredibly one caught right in the middle of the day with the sun beating down!! It always amazes me that you just never know when a fish might be in taking mood!

The Dee has been picking away quite nicely despite the challenging conditions. With the rain of last week and the river now dropping away nicely, this week could be a good week to be on the river if you are lucky enough to be able to squeeze a few days in. Some good late availability if you are interested and can be found on FishDee.

Dee salmon

Elsewhere on the Tay, fish have been coming into the river despite the tough low water conditions. May was a hugely popular month for bookings on the Tay with expectations high for some good catch returns. If we had had rain I am sure catches would have been better – the Pitlochry counter was rattling numbers up every day of the month as fish ran hard up the river all the way to the dam.

The rain has also blessed the Tay too and this week I am sure we will see some good catches as the river drops off. There are still days available if you fancy a day out, which just might be a very wise choice!

On Tweed the tough ‘drought-like’ spring conditions were challenging, with beats on the lower river favouring well. Fish ran hard and Junction were able to pick off quite a few as a result. The big flush out seems to have ran off now and a genuine feel of high expectations up and down the river for the week ahead. Some sea trout action also reported in recent weeks which is good news but it’s the fresh “large” salmon that we all await filling up the rivers pools on the back of the rain – stay tuned for the week ahead and join in the fun if you can. Find fishing.


The Spey has been fishing really quite well given the low water conditions, with lower beats like Gordon Castle in particular seeing some really decent catches. Some lovely fresh 20lb+ fish have been caught and feedback from many a happy Spey angler is that fishing the Spey this spring has been an absolute pleasure. The river lost 2 days last weeks when the rain came, with the system freshened, expectations are running high this week. Not much availability I’m afraid if you are thinking of fishing the Spey. Here is the link to what we have on the river, there is a chance of a fish all the way up to the upper beats this week.

The rivers of the North, which are predominantly spate rivers suffered badly in the ‘drought like’ conditions, but as soon as the rain came anglers were in amongst some good sport. Back in the borders, the Annan has had plenty of rain to get things hotting up there after the long dry spell and bookings are picking up as anglers want to get in amongst the action. Plenty to choose from on the FishPal site and hopefully a chance of a fish or two.

So I guess you, like me, will be itching to get out on a river near you this week. I can’t remember a spring so devoid of rain for many a year, but, it’s great to finally see rain freshening everywhere up. If you need any help or advice on where to fish then you can always speak to Tom in the office on 01573 470612 who can help you out.

Good luck everybody – don’t forget to send in your photos to us as we need them more than ever as the work continues on our new site development which will go live later this year

Mark Cockburn

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