Autumn fishing is here!

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21682541_501519663528945_439399358_oIncredible to think that as we pass the half way point in September that some rivers have only a few weeks of the season to go whilst others have several months of fishing to look forward too. So how has it been across the country and what are the prospects likely to be in the next few weeks and months?

Here’s my take on things and apologies for those rivers not mentioned but please do get in touch if you have some information on rivers not featured and I will share it with our “information hungry” customer base!

Let’s start with a look at Tweed. Interesting to point out that last weeks catches were the best of the season so far!! Some 336 salmon were caught taking the total for the year now to over 4000. Reports from the river would suggest that many of the fish caught were coloured and the drop in temperature and fluctuating river levels have brought these fish on to the take but reports of fresh fish were indeed amongst them if not in any huge numbers yet. Will we see a back end run this autumn, only time will tell. The river is pretty heavily booked until the end of October with anglers keen to get in amongst the action. Find Tweed Fishing.

New for autumn is a note of Tweed weekly catches in total (well almost total, we reckon we are now at about 90% reported) showing the weeks totals for both salmon and sea trout and the season totals. It’s on the main Tweed catches page for you all to see. A huge thank you to all involved in getting the totals reported, something I know many of you have been asking for for a long time now. Tweed Catches

21751626_1793845603976640_6605282402815637607_nOn to the Tay, where catches during July were the best for the year to date. Numbers in August and September were steady with fish in the mid twenty pounds caught and returned. Most recently it’s the lower beats who have been getting in amongst most the action with the lower water levels helping, whilst middle and upper beats by comparison struggled a bit and badly need some rain. Tay tributaries Tummel and Earn have continued to surrender fish and keeping many an angler happy!

The Tay runs on until Saturday 14th of October. There is still some good fishing available if you fancy a cast before the season closes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tay surrenders another big fish before the season finishes, reports of some good fish splashing around in pools certainly make you want to go back and cover the pool again! Find Tay Fishing

The Spey has fished well throughout the season and has now slowed somewhat through the later summer months. Feedback from anglers fishing the Spey have been positive and we have received many a call into the office already enquiring about spring fishing. We are working with beats on the Spey to try and speed up the process so stay tuned.

Registering for a rod alert which is an email telling you of any new availability added onto the site is the best way of keeping an eye on new fishing being added. Not just for Spey of course but for all rivers. With only a few weeks till the end of the season on Spey and many beats are slowly shutting down but there is still availability if you are keen to fit in some last minute fishing at some very reasonable prices. FIND FISHING.

20993009_1556854771037742_1074527411162645722_nThe Dee has had a good season with many a Dee angler happy to see the rivers fortunes taker a turn for the better. Bookings are well up again this year and reports of pools full of fish have been a regular story up and down the Dee. Some decent catches and the odd big fish have been a regular occurrence this season. It’s great to see this beautiful river fairing well.

There is much to look forward to and I appreciate that there is still a long way to go before we see catches back to the record levels seen in the past.

Much of early Dee availability is starting to appear on the FishDee site, so please do take time to have a look and get that early Dee fishing booked now before it all goes! FIND FISHING

Enjoy the rest of the season fishing the Dee, Spey, Tweed and Tay, time sure does fly!! Thanks for all the great photos you send in to us which we love to share across the entire fishing community. Please do keep them coming, it always brightens up a dull day to be able to share your photos and stories with everyone.

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