Autumn fishing is here!

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Tom’s fish caught on the River Awe

The River Awe is not a river I speak much about in my blogs but boy does it rightly get a mention this time. A huge fish of around 40lb was caught just recently and I think this is the largest salmon caught in Scotland this season so far!! What a beast of a fish and just great to be giving the Awe some good news to celebrate at a time when the Awe hasn’t been fishing so well. This years potential winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy? Perhaps!

Highland rivers like the Navar and Helmsdale have done pretty well this season with enough water to keep both rivers fishing well. Thurso too doing pretty well with some goos weeks catches. Not easy to get on these rivers but if you are lucky enough to find yourself on any of these rivers you will not be disappointed. They are a long way north but situated in some of the finest countryside you will ever fish in. I am hopeful of adding some availability next year on maybe the Helmsdale but not yet on either the Navar or Thurso.


6lb Grilse River Ness

Also in the North and fishing well is the river Ness. A great river to try and some lovely fly water to go at. There is still time to plan a trip to the Ness with some good affordable fishing to be had before the season ends on the 15th of October. FIND FISHING You will be made most welcome on this wonderful highland river and some decent big fish can feature in these last few weeks of the season.

Just along the road is the beautiful rivers of the Findhorn and Nairn still open for business till the 30th of September. Both the Findhorn and Nairn have some limited availability this season if you can get that far North. You will not be disappointed, both are located in some of the loveliest most scenic parts of the north and an adventure awaits for those who travel there. Many a retuning angler can vouch of the quality of fishing on offer and if not this season, look out for availability for next season hopefully coming soon. Don’t forget to set up that rod alert to make sure you don’t miss out!!
On the River Annan salmon, sea trout and trout are being caught but it is sometimes hard to get the up to date information to be able to share this with you. We are working with the rivers proprietors to try and address this for next season. Sea trout in particular are there in good numbers with the salmon proving much harder to connect with. The Annan is a lovely river and handy for so many, always a worthwhile stop off point.

On the west coast in Galloway salmon have been hard to find this season not helped at all with some difficult with periods excessive rain and then no rain! The rivers angling clubs are always the best bet if you fancy a trip as their members are just brilliant at helping you find the right river and a where to fish, giving yourself a chance of connecting with a fish. If you fancy finding out more on what is to offer here then please give Tom a ring in the office who can help you out.

Further west still and over to the Hebrides where there has been some good action on the rivers and lochs during the summer months. Sport has been consistent for sea trout and many a small grilse has been landed too. The Hebrides is a fisherman’s paradise and well worth the journey. We can again help you plan your trip with some excellent local knowledge available to help you on your way. Give us a ring in the office (05173 470612) to find out more.


John MacIssac Current FishPal Malloch Winner – River Lochy

The River Lochy has had a tough time of it this year for many a reason. Local information can be found at this link with John Vetch the best man to give you the story of what’s going on on the river. I hope to be back on the Lochy next year if possible. Such an amazing river to fish against the backdrop of Ben Nevis making the photos look pretty spectacular and the river is the current FishPal Malloch Trophy winning river.

This season the River Ure in Yorkshire has seen many new anglers fish this lovely river and great to see new beats coming on the site with good availability. We have some great local guides in the shape of Brian Towers and Phil Ellis who know the river like the back of their hands. More anglers will find this little gem of a river next season and certainly a river to cast a line on if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

Staying in England we have of course the incredible River Tyne. Counters show that the river is in excellent health with some significant runs of fish making it up the river. Catches have been OK but no where near the levels of fish running the river. Is it just that the Tyne fish are too smart to be caught or are we, the anglers, maybe just not good enough! I will leave yo call to decide where the answer lies!

Over in Ireland the Blackwater has been producing a good number of fish and back end coloured fish are now reported in good numbers too. The rivers Bann and Foyle have also been picking away and with October to come, normally one of their most prolific months of the year, I hope a successful season end for both. I am trying to improve our report writing for Irish rivers for next season and if you can help or recommend people, please do give me a ring on 01573 470612.

And lets not forget Iceland!! Many an angler has been introduced to our excellent guide and manager Jon Sigurdsson who is based in Iceland. A good season overall being reported with some spectacular rivers that Jon can introduce you too. If you are interested in fishing in Iceland next year then do give us a ring and we can hopefully sort something out for you!

So what else is going on out there?

FishPal HQ has been a busy place over the last year as we develop our new site which will go live as the seasons on rivers come to a close. The Dee will go live first in late October and then we will slowly pick off all the other river sites and indeed the main FishPal pages too before the year end. This is phase 1 of our new site launch with much more still to do next year but really exciting to be not only giving the site a long overdue makeover but also the opportunity to add in even more fishing information for you all to enjoy!

And finally – a tale from the river bank. I was lucky enough to be fishing with a good friend of mine again on the River Tay earlier this year and a good day was had by all. Except for my good friend that is. Having already dropped two iPhones into the river over the past year he proudly showed me his latest purchase, a water proof phone case just in case his current phone was ever to suffer a similar fate.

As I walked up to the pool where he was fishing to join him I saw him frantically trying to dry off his phone which had unfortunately suffered the same fate as previous phones and been dropped in the river. I wondered why he was quite so frantic as surely the new water proof case would have stopped any damage being done. Well that would have been the case if the new water proof case had not been left in the boot of his car!! iPhone number four has the water proof case on it all the time now!!

Enjoy the rest of the season everyone, time sure does fly!! Thanks for all the great photos you send in to us which we love to share across the entire fishing community. Please do keep them coming, it always brightens up a dull day to be able to share your photos and stories with everyone.

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