River Spey Opening

It was great to once again be able to join the opening day celebrations of the Spey at the Victoria Bridge in Aberlour where once again the event was supported by Aberlour Distillery and Walkers. I know from speaking to Roger Knight and others at the ceremony that their sponsorship is really much appreciated so well done to both for your involvement.


As tradition, the river was opened after a well received speech from Lord Lieutenant Col. Grenville Johnston OBE OStJ TD – a man who’s passion for the river built up over many a year of fishing the river came through loud and clear in his speech with memories of days past on the river.

The speech, as is tradition, was followed by the river being opened as guest of honour Evelyn Clark poured a bottle of Aberlour 16 Year Old Single Malt Whisky into the river from the Victoria Bridge accompanied by a local piper. Local minister Bob Anderson had blessed the river and we were all good to go to our respective beats up and down the river.


Anticipation was high as anglers cast for that much sought after early springer but alas, it was not to be. To date I believe only 2 fresh fish have been caught but many a kelt caught to keep rods bent and anglers at least feeling the excitement of some early action with promises of a return trip to the Spey a must.

I for one will most certainly be back, the Spey is a beautiful river full of character and lovely pools to swing a fly through. It always amazes me that despite the weather throwing literally everything at anglers who fish this early on in the season there is a feeling of real satisfaction to be out on the river again, wetting the appetite for days to come later in the season.

Tight lines to all fishing this week


Photographs courtesy of the Spey Fishery Board

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