Salmon Fishing Norway

P1080321Tingvoll Salmon Fishing – A fishing experience of a lifetime in a pastoral and relaxing
environment in the middle of Norway.

Tingvoll farm is idyllically situated no more than 80 meters from the beautiful Verdal River in the middle of Norway, only a one-hour drive from Trondheim airport.
As our guests, you will stay in Lakseloftet; a large apartment of high standard.
Tingvoll offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the Norwegian countryside, and we can also offer you home cooked meals made from local produce. In Tingvoll, you can borrow top fishing equipment and receive guiding and fly fishing instruction. In the evenings, you can gather around the fire in a timber cabin or a shelter by the river.

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You can visit us by yourself or as part of a group. Bringing your partner or children with you on your visit is not a problem, as there are many activities and cultural experiences in the nearby area besides fishing that you can partake in. With easy wading and access to the river, fishing is also suitable for all ages. As our guest, you will have access to 1 500 meters of exclusive fishing within walking distance from Lakseloftet, and we also rent several other pools in the Verdal River.

A stay in Tingvoll is a great opportunity for the “fish of your lifetime”.

Lakseloftet is a 148m2 two-storey apartment of high standard. It has 7 bedrooms with 2 beds in 2 rooms and 1 bed in each of the 5 rooms, making it possible for 7 persons to stay in Lakseloftet at the same time. The apartment has two large bathrooms, and Wi-Fi.
Idyll by the fire in the shelter by the home pool in Tingvoll. Peace, quiet and a beautiful view of the river in light summer nights.


Salmon fishing for groups of up to 7 persons

We offer salmon fishing for groups of up to 7 persons. Fishing takes place across several kilometres of one-sided and two-sided fishing on many of the best fishing stretches in the Verdal River. The pools are well suited for all types of fishing. The fishing is exclusive and entirely at your disposal.

We offer full accommodation or self-catering.

In our pools, an average of 120-250 salmon has been caught during the last few years. We have also caught quite a few sea trout, and the largest one last year was 4.2 kg.
We can offer facilitated salmon fishing, and John Olav has many years of guiding experience.

Fishing equipment is also available for guests residing in Lakseloftet. We also have a nice timber cabin by the river bank at our guests’ disposal.

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Our fishermen also tend to have a very good time in the shelter with a beautiful view of the river. A nice barbecue on the fire in the shelter is a wonderful end to a fishing session, where you spend the evenings watching the bonfire and the river floating by in the light Norwegian summer nights while you engage in friendly conversations about anything from fishing to the meaning of life together with good fishing companions and sausages wrapped Ingrid’s barbequed potato cakes. The nights are light this time of year, and all of a sudden you will find that it is almost morning and time to try to catch some nice Verdal salmon again.

Availability last minute rods 2018:
Week 26: 3 rods full board
Week 28: 4 rods available

Easy to get to Trondheim from UK.

Flight companies:

Flights to Trondheim airport:
Gatwich London, direct
Edinburgh, 1 stop in Oslo, Cobenhagen or Amsterdam
Glasgow; 1 stop in Oslo, Cobenhagen or Amsterdam
Aberdeen, 1-2 stops Stavanger/Bergen to Trondheim

Time from airport to Lodge: 1 Hour drive.

For more information contact Mark Cockburn 01573 470612 or email


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