Wester Elchies

IMG_5858I had the great fortune to be fishing one of my favourite beats on the Spey last week at Wester Elchies with some good friends. The river was high on arrival and proving to be difficult to fish with us really not wading at all but there were a few pools that fish well in the higher water, The Brock and Delagyle in particular where I fished hard with my favourite black and yellow flies and a compulsory cast with  a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn.

Even in this high water I was surprised to catch a Kelt which did have me going for a while! My fellow anglers also caught Kelts but alas that elusive springer was not forthcoming, Sam, the ghillie and a great guy was superb as always and as we left we all had that feeling that this week was going to be a good week on the river as the river was dropping back nicely. As I write this I hear there have indeed ben a few fish reported from Gordon Castle, Delfur and Arndilly  with no doubts other caught elsewhere.
Some great options to fish over the next few weeks on Spey and with conditions likely to be favourable my mind is turning to my next trip up to the Spey on Arndilly in April where we should be in with a good chance to find that bar of silver!! Stay tuned – I’ll let yo know how I get on.
If you would like to go fishing this year please contact me on 01573 470612 or visit the FishPal website where we have over 200,000 permits online for salmon, sea trout, trout and grayling.
Mark Cockburn

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