FMS Conference Edinburgh

55790024_2217857881586779_2923169469100457984_n-1Friday week I had the pleasure of attending the Fisheries Management Scotland Conference in Edinburgh entitled “Salmon and People in a Changing World.” An audience of interesting like minded people from around the world all meeting to get stuck into some really challenging and topical agenda items that certainly made for some great debate.

The day was partnered with the Atlantic Salmon Trust who did an excellent job of explaining the “Missing Salon Project” and the “Likely Suspects Framework” – here is the link to the information on the Atlantic Salmon Trust website.
The day was split into various sessions that you could choose to attend with some really interesting subjects that showed that nothing was too sensitive for the audience. Here are the workshop session headings.
– Salmon Farming
– Renewable Energy
– High Season Pressure
– Predation of salmon
Protection, restoration and enhancement
Each session had a chair and some really interesting guest speakers that made sure all the questions got answered in the Q&A session – and there were some really hard hitting questions from the audience.
Given that everything that was discussed is underpinned by the fact that without anglers we do not have an industry my only criticism of the day was that the angling community was not represented in any of the workshops which to me seems like an obvious omission which needs rectified for future conferences.
The FMS web site will I am sure in due course cover the outputs from the conference so they can be shared with as wide an audience as is possible but for now, reassuring to be part of a conference that had so many experts and interested parties that really do care about the future of our salmon stocks and prepared to try and do something about the current position.
The conference did finish on a high with the endorsement of Sir David Attenborough who’s wise words as ever I would suggest we all should listen too this. 
Tight lines

One thought on “FMS Conference Edinburgh

  1. Hi yes the quicker they start listening to the guardians of the river that see it 6 days a week 10 month of the year the better I can certainly talk for a lot of ghillies and boatmen that feel our voices needto be heared and the coming year the year of the salmon even more so it’s time to listen to what they have to say cheers Mark Kevin

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