Marks View 24th April

unspecifiedThe opening paragraphs of todays newsletter talks about the 2018 catch statistics and the ongoing problems with our salmon stocks and I am proud to be supporting so many different initiatives that hope to help not just with the conservation of our beloved salmon but also get behind some seriously well thought through initiatives that hope to finally help address some of the issues and then do something about it!

Despite the doom and gloom of 2018 and the memories we all have of last year just remember that as if we didn’t have enough to be concerned about around all the chat on topics like predication, problems in the Atlantic etc the weather was absolutely unbelievable too with the “beast from the east” taking out the first 3 to 4 months of the year then followed by some incredible soaring temperatures leaving our rivers devoid of water never mind fish!

If I turn to this year and the conversations we are having with anglers both in the office, at shows, in the huts or on the river bank there is a feeling this year of real optimism. Not that anyone is getting carried away with things as the problems still need addressed but after a kinder start to the year weather wise we have literally had anglers desperate to get out and have a cast on rivers across the country just because they can!

Just to put this into perspective a little bit, for the first 3 months of 2019 we sold more permits to fish for salmon than in any previous start to the year and April is already looking strong too.

Catches are still not breaking records by any means but if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you will have seen some really cracking springers being caught and it just gives us all a smile on our faces as we then join the party and get out fishing!

I have had quite a few days this year already on quite a few different rivers and whilst the early part saw we catch many of last years models I haven’t as yet managed to join this years “springer club.” But I tell you what, I have lost a couple, seen quite a few and I am already desperately looking to get back out on the river to join in on the action.

Keep the photos coming – keep the fish wet and keep believing that your next cast into that favourite pool with your favourite “go to” fly will have your reel screaming and your heart missing a beat!!

Keep the faith – tight lines!!!

Mark Cockburn


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