Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 10.41.24I was invited to join a reception at the Scottish Parliament last night (Tuesday 8th January) hosted jointly between Fisheries Management Scotland and the Scottish Government on a matter dear to all of our hearts – making sure that conservation of our precious wild salmon is at the very heart of Scottish Government’s priorities going forward and I have to say that that the evening and the speakers came across as being completely joined up and genuinely keen to work together in their approach to take matters forward.

The reception was preceded by a working group which consisted of a good mix of MSP’s, (present was Michelle Ballantyne, Roseanna Cunningham and Dean Lockhart) and representation from across the fishing community including river boards, proprietors, the AST and of course, Fisheries Management Scotland who all got their sleeves well and truly rolled up and set about the task of getting to grips with plans for the future.

Michelle Ballantyne hosted the evening reception which was really well attended and announced a further £750K of support funding for a smolt tracking project of the West Coast of Scotland.

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 10.41.36The credit fro getting Scottish Government around the table with those from the fishing communities must go to FMS’s CEO Alan Wells who passionately spoke about the absolute critical need to take “joint” action now and called upon all those in the audience to also come forward and help make a difference both as individuals and from their own area of expertise. Put simply he said ““ Salmon conservation must become a national priority. Our leaders will be judged by their actions in meeting that challenge” which for me summed up matters in a nut shell.

Great to be able to be part of the proceedings and offer my individual support and that of FishPal too who truly care about these matters as I know all of our customers do too.


Read more about the event here

Photograph credit Fisheries Management Scotland



  1. The smolt tracking work proposed for the west of Scotland needs to start at the point where salmon lay their eggs in redds and cover the complete cycle when salmon return to redds to spawn.

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