River Spey Opening 2020

IMG_7015My trip to the Spey last week was great fun despite the lack of fresh fish being caught!
This year I was keen to fish a few different beats after attending the Spey open day celebrations in Aberlour, which despite the weather was very well attended. It’s always a good feeling to chat with Spey anglers, who are like myself, desperately keen to get onto the river and have the first cast of the Spey season!

By opening day the river had dropped to 2′ 6″ which is a very good spring height. River temperatures and water levels last week will have distributed fish across the river, giving anglers an equal chance of catching a fish as far up as Castle Grant beats.
My traditional way of spending opening week on Spey was to join a party that have been going to the Spey for years fishing Wester Elchies. Sadly my good friend who hosted the trip died last year and so I wanted to do things slightly different this year. That said, we fished opening day on Wester Elchies under the ever watchful guide and good friend Sam, who as ever was in fine form.
It was a day of action on Wester Elchies with everyone playing fish, but alas last years models. I have to say some of the fights these kelts put up certainly had you wondering and hoping that it was an opening day springer.
Day two I crossed the water and fished Delagyle, a first for me. It always amazes me when you have fished this stretch of water so many times from the opposite bank that the pools look and feel completely different. David the ghillie was excellent and again it was a day of bent rods, but still no springers to report.
On my final day I fished Upper Arndilly, a beat I’d fished late last year. After a frosty start the river was in perfect shape. Icicles on our rod rings were quickly displaced with kelts eager to take our flies. I fished hard all day and lost a fish which was obviously a fresh fish, or was it, I’ll never know!
Anglers fished the Spey hard on opening day and not so hard for the rest of the week, but alas, although many many kelts were caught there were no fresh fish to report which was disappointing, There are still prizes up for grabs for the lucky angler who finally catches that illusive first Spey fish and I would hope to share the good news, potentially, this week if the weather eases off somewhat!
It’s early days I know and springers are proving hard to find, but it is after all only February with weeks and months of better conditions to look forward too. The floods across the country certainly won’t help some rivers which are likely to be out of action for some time yet. We wait patiently watching weather reports and river levels and hope to be back out soon!
Call the office on 01573 470612 if you would like more information on places to fish. We have fishing for all abilities and budgets.
Tight lines to all who are lucky enough to be out casting a line. Find Fishing.

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