March Update From Mark

sweden-77224_1920It’s certainly depressing watching all the drama of a world wide emergency unfolding in the form of the Coronavirus but when I say our most recent post on our Facebook page, it certainly not only made me smile but actually, it did make me think that this year of all years is surely the year to be spending more time fishing on some of our beautiful rivers across the country.

Not just the lovely locations to fish but also the incredible amount of options as to where to stay for you and your party – from Highland hotels to cottages and cabins all in locations that will keep you away from the threat of illness – some of these locations actually boast about not even having televisions to watch so you truly can relax, unwind and just go fishing.
March is proving to be challenging with continuous weather patters spoiling the fun on many rivers although the good news is that the forecast, after showery weather this week, is set to improve so hopefully we can all get back out onto the river and have a cast.
Challenging as it may be there have still been some cracking fish caught and released on rivers when the conditions have been favourable. What about this fish up on the Helmsdale (below) or this video link to a cracker on the Findhorn.

Jock Miller with his fish caught on Helmsdale 

Tweed, which probably has suffered most with high and dirty water have had fish too when the conditions allowed – my mind turns to Upper North Wark beat who had 3 crackers in one day and a spanker from Bemersyde last ~Saturday (photo here) before more rain came and spoiled the fun!

Mark Hansen with the first fish off Bemersyde

The Tay has escaped some, but not all of the high water conditions but allowing anglers to get out there and again, some really nice looking fish like this on caught this week on Catholes.

Paul Devlin fishing the Tay at Catholes 

The North and South Esk are looking fishy as I write this and I would imagine will start to surrender some bars of silver soon as conditions there look favourable.

Sue Wall with her 22lb fish caught on Lower Crathes and West Durris

Equally on the Dee, some favourable conditions and some cracking fish caught, not least Sue Wall’s fish caught and released on Lower Crathes and West Durris  and a first fish from Dochfur on the Ness.

Ewan Maclachlan with the first fish off Dochfour

The Spey is starting to pick away and Ronnie Fraser managed two fish in a day at Wester Elchies last week as conditions improved.
So it might have been frustrating to not get out and have to stay home and listen to all the doom and gloom around the Coronavirus updates but as of next week, the forecasts are looking better and to keep everyone safe, go fishing!! You know you want to!
If you are considering a fishing trip this year then we can of course help you find somewhere that suits your needs, just give us a ring on the office number 01573 470612 and we can start to work on a plan for you for the season ahead!!
Tight lines to all

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