April 2021 and so it begins……

April 2021 and we will be released soon to fish! As I write this note, travel restrictions in Scotland have been lifted and we can get back fishing – even if we can’t stay over just yet. Game on!

The sun has been shining for days now and and we have clear blue skies but it has been blooming freezing out there but you do feel a change in the air!! 

Anticipation is high on the agenda as we head towards the first major release date from lockdown in Scotland from the 26th of April and accommodation providers start to open up again and travelling around the country is permitted. The most up to date information from the Scottish Government can be found here.

In England, the easing of travel restrictions mean it is now permitted across the country but still not yet able to cross the border into Scotland until the travelling restrictions are eased later this month – see here for the latest details.

Fair to say that our rivers across the country have been and still are in great condition for those local anglers who have been able to get out although catching a springer in the extremely low temperatures we experienced was never going to be  easy and we really need to see the water temperatures rise to get the action going. The forecast is pretty good so fingers crossed!

Where to fish is the topic of many anglers conversations right now as plans are made to get back out and make the most of the season. The big 4 rivers all have good availability to choose from and the smaller rivers too are more than worth a cast. Maybe this year we can all try and find a new river to try and make the most of all that the country has to offer. 

Even with us getting back fishing remember to make sure that social distancing rules continue to apply – we are not out of the woods just yet so we do still need to very careful.

The team here at FishPal have been getting busier and busier as we move slowly towards being able to fish again with many enquiries about helping anglers to FIND FISHING. There is something for everyone on the site and we are always happy to help you plan a trip, not just the fishing but we can recommend good places to stay too.

My gear has never been so tidy, flies all sorted out lines all in good condition and anticipation is high as I look forward to my first days out this year which happen to be on the Tay then quickly followed by Dee and Spey then Tweed too!!  – boy it’s been a long wait to get to this point but not long now.

As we head back to some sort of normality in our world of fishing we are extending the phone hours from 1-2pm to 10am to 2pm. You can still speak to a member of the team outside those hours via our Help Desk.

Tight lines to all and do stay safe and most of all, have fun!!



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