Time for fishing!!

We are nearly there, next week from the 17th of May we will see more things back open meaning more chance of getting out fishing and away for a few days – bring it on!!

I managed to squeeze in a couple of trips recently to the Tay and the Dee, so nice to be out on the river again and having a cast – boy it’s been a long time coming!!

A day with Simon Furness on Dunkeld was great fun. Casting the fly from the back of the boat in the Cathedral Stream was just so lovely to do. Anticipation was high and the slowly roped boat down the pool allowed me to cover the pool well, I was expecting my casting to be a tad rusty but it all came back to me fairly quickly. Sadly only a brave brownie felt the urge to take my fly but just so nice to be out on the river. Popping in to Newtyle and Dalmarnock was great too – two great beats to fish if you get the chance and I’ll most certainly be back soon to have a cast there.

I also mangled to have a day on both Park North and South under the expert eyes of ghillies Keith and Bert. Two guys who know their beats like the back of their hands and with so much wisdom and advice to offer. Great fun even if North was a bit high but South was perfect and whilst I didn’t manage a fish my fishing companion did.

Jimmy Simpson (pictured) fishes Park a lot and his expertise certainly showed through – well done!

A trip up top my local trout fishery at LoganLea just outside of Edinburgh was great fun too – love to have a cast in such beautiful surroundings and the fish were most definitely on!! Great sport on small buzzers.

So just great to be back out fishing and with more trips planned over the coming weeks I am hopeful of getting in almost the springers.

Thanks for all your ongoing support – the bookings are coming in thick and fast for this season on most rivers so it certainly looks like that you my fellow anglers are all as desperate to get back at it as I am!

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