Summer time, when the fishing is…hot!

It’s interesting speaking to various people about the weather we have had so far this yea, not least this current heat wave. Fisherman, not surprisingly, have been delighted to see us get our fair share of rain over the months. Some would of course want more, some unlucky to have been on the river before the rain and rivers on their bones, others arriving whilst the water was big and dirty and the lucky ones timing it just right as the river falls back, clears and you start to get really excited about the days ahead!

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Marks View 24th April

unspecifiedThe opening paragraphs of todays newsletter talks about the 2018 catch statistics and the ongoing problems with our salmon stocks and I am proud to be supporting so many different initiatives that hope to help not just with the conservation of our beloved salmon but also get behind some seriously well thought through initiatives that hope to finally help address some of the issues and then do something about it! Continue reading

Wester Elchies

IMG_5858I had the great fortune to be fishing one of my favourite beats on the Spey last week at Wester Elchies with some good friends. The river was high on arrival and proving to be difficult to fish with us really not wading at all but there were a few pools that fish well in the higher water, The Brock and Delagyle in particular where I fished hard with my favourite black and yellow flies and a compulsory cast with  a Gold Bodied Willie Gunn.

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