Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn CEO FishPal

Mark Cockburn, CEO FishPal

The season on many rivers ended last weekend with a fizzle and not the big bang many of us had hoped for. The weather since the start of Autumn and even on the final day has been unseasonably high, which are not ideal conditions for anglers and fresh fish to enter the system.

On a positive note most rivers are reporting high numbers of coloured fish this Autumn. Continue reading

Update From Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn CEO FishPalAs I sit down to write my blog I do so with a big smile on my face! Why I here you ask, its because isn’t it great to be able to reflect on a season so far that indicates our rivers across the country are doing pretty well right now without us necessarily getting too carried away with ourselves.

I guess you always need to put things as a fisherman into perspective and we all know that we have had a pretty tough couple of previous years so to see rivers doing well and anglers happy as a result in the improved catches being reported is perhaps to be expected. That Continue reading

June Fishing From Mark Cockburn

fish34Summer conditions have been the name of the game for the last month and as I write this post there is a change in the air. Could the long awaited rain finally be on its way?

It’s been a pretty busy four weeks which has seen me visiting customers across Scotland and meetings with new beat owners flying in to Edinburgh to meet FishPal.

Last week I meet up with Ross at the Dee Rivers Trust and beats on the river. The Dee is a river dear to many of us Continue reading

Tweed Report

As we go to press on this month’s Tweed newsletter we have had a week of just over 200 salmon caught, and a quieter week last week not least as a result of some really hot weather with 72 fish caught up to 20lbs

The successful anglers catching these absolute bars of silver will say that the hard work and the constantly changing tactics and times of day that they choose to fish was all worth it and who could argue with that. Continue reading

Spring Fishing – bring it on!

12439095_10154012196135242_4156350695530733938_nThe clocks are now forward and we are officially into spring fishing with catches across the country continuing to tick away! It’s always good to see lighter nights kicking in along with anglers catching some fantastic fish.

Of the big four rivers in Scotland, it is great to see the Dee producing some fine fish and hear stories from anglers who have continued to Continue reading

FishPal Reel In National Award


At a time when there can be so many negative factors affecting our wonderful sport I sit down to write my latest blog as a very, very proud CEO. Why you might ask, let me explain. FishPal as a company has grown massively over the last decade with more rivers, beats, information and advice available now than at any point before. Our audience is at a record Continue reading

Spring Fishing on Tweed

10917049_945780468794533_1164030518177740860_nHard to believe we are now into March! The Tweed season is well and truly under way and with the milder weather right now its good to see more anglers making their way to the River Tweed. I for one have enjoyed wetting my fly on West Learmouth beat last week. The river was clearing and dropping and expectations remained high all day.

At this time of the year there is some good value fishing available on beats on Tweed that in the height of the Continue reading