Autumn fishing is here!

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21682541_501519663528945_439399358_oIncredible to think that as we pass the half way point in September that some rivers have only a few weeks of the season to go whilst others have several months of fishing to look forward too. So how has it been across the country and what are the prospects likely to be in the next few weeks and months?

Here’s my take on things and apologies for those rivers not mentioned but please do get in touch if you have some information on rivers not featured and I will share it with our “information hungry” customer base! Continue reading

Autumn fishing is here!

Part 2 of 2 posts

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Tom’s fish caught on the River Awe

The River Awe is not a river I speak much about in my blogs but boy does it rightly get a mention this time. A huge fish of around 40lb was caught just recently and I think this is the largest salmon caught in Scotland this season so far!! What a beast of a fish and just great to be giving the Awe some good news to celebrate at a time when the Awe hasn’t been fishing so well. This years potential winner of the FishPal Malloch Trophy? Perhaps! Continue reading

Happy New Year

10923784_765498143529738_1543130060698054304_nHappy New Year to all our readers, I hope you all had a great festive break and there were a few wee surprises under the tree that have already been added to this years must have fishing kit!! As we go to press with our first newsletter of 2017 it really is hard to believe that the Helmsdale is opening as we speak and the Tay opens for business on Monday! I am really Continue reading

Mark Cockburn FishPal

unspecifiedMost of our salmon rivers are now closed with the exception of a few who remain open till the end of November. It seems a long time since I attended the opening ceremony on the Tay at Dunkeld! So how have our rivers faired overall, lets have a look at some individual rivers with my thoughts on their season.

River Tay: This is the second season without the 2 week extension. The river opened on the 15th of January, a cold day greeted us with snow on the ground. The river always receives Continue reading

Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn CEO FishPal

Mark Cockburn, CEO FishPal

The season on many rivers ended last weekend with a fizzle and not the big bang many of us had hoped for. The weather since the start of Autumn and even on the final day has been unseasonably high, which are not ideal conditions for anglers and fresh fish to enter the system.

On a positive note most rivers are reporting high numbers of coloured fish this Autumn. Continue reading

Update From Mark Cockburn

Mark Cockburn CEO FishPalAs I sit down to write my blog I do so with a big smile on my face! Why I here you ask, its because isn’t it great to be able to reflect on a season so far that indicates our rivers across the country are doing pretty well right now without us necessarily getting too carried away with ourselves.

I guess you always need to put things as a fisherman into perspective and we all know that we have had a pretty tough couple of previous years so to see rivers doing well and anglers happy as a result in the improved catches being reported is perhaps to be expected. That Continue reading

June Fishing From Mark Cockburn

fish34Summer conditions have been the name of the game for the last month and as I write this post there is a change in the air. Could the long awaited rain finally be on its way?

It’s been a pretty busy four weeks which has seen me visiting customers across Scotland and meetings with new beat owners flying in to Edinburgh to meet FishPal.

Last week I meet up with Ross at the Dee Rivers Trust and beats on the river. The Dee is a river dear to many of us Continue reading

Tweed Report

As we go to press on this month’s Tweed newsletter we have had a week of just over 200 salmon caught, and a quieter week last week not least as a result of some really hot weather with 72 fish caught up to 20lbs

The successful anglers catching these absolute bars of silver will say that the hard work and the constantly changing tactics and times of day that they choose to fish was all worth it and who could argue with that. Continue reading